Monday, March 30, 2009

{that wasn't so bad}

what is up with this week? so stress. hopefully that doesn't mean the rest of the week will be insane, but so good. knock on wood.
had a little track melt down with madison, but all is well now. john took her to work on hurdles for about an hour tonight. got her jitters out. track club tomorrow. hopefully we will make it through with no tears.
gotta love 13.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

{my crazy week}

league baseball starts this week. zac's first series is against crescent valley.

first game is on tuesday, second game is on wednesday {his 17th birthday}.....and of course, the night that we need to set up tables for the auction and have our basket party. i don't know how i am fitting it in to be honest, but somehow need to fit in a game in corvallis, set up tables, supervise baskets {which i'm hoping connie harpole will just take over}, and actually celebrate zac's birthday. suggesions? lol!!

drove to walmart this morning to finish buying baskets, some candy, and easter grass for baskets at the Club. i got such cute stuff. i'm hoping everyone likes it.....and if they don't, i'm o.k. with that.

john, madison and taylor all went to the coast friday night. the girls got to see some friends that live there, so that was fun. john was a great dad and let the entire day be all about the girls. took them to the hatfield marine center, let them hang out with the boys while he sat in a coffee shop down by the wharf, took them to mo's, pizza, and the beach.

today madison and taylor are in portland with taylor's big sister holly looking for prom dresses.
i'm looking forward to this week being over. it's going to be a long one. jessie and i keep thinking we are forgetting something, but so far neither of us can think of what it might be.
hoping the auction is a success. it's kind of out of our hands at this point.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

{week before auction week}

lots of time away from home in the next couple of weeks.
19 days of work in a row starting tomorrow.....i have a headache thinking about it.

{congratulations, miss beautiful}

congratulations miss anne......
and i just wanted to tell my bff she is the best mama ever. loved your blog post yesterday.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

{baseball season started this week}

admission to the games - free
sunny weather - free
picking your nose and scratching your balls before the game - priceless!

Monday, March 16, 2009


had to add a little bling for spring in my living room.
mom got me this adorable little candy dish at our favorite and secret little second hand story {otherwise known as goodwill. love.}
it's full of easter candy that is so off limits, so hopefully my kids will eat it before temptation takes over.
went out to blackberry junction with maxine and jessie after work on friday.
found these great little stuffed pears for only $3.50 each. so, so cute.

after i left i couldn't help but run to costco to buy fresh flowers for the house. the yellow tulips were beautiful, so i couldn't just leave them sitting there....i had to get them.

this cute little platter was calling my name at blackberry too. i could just picture fresh baked cinnamon rolls on it for easter morning. yes, believe it or not i do bake. contrary to popular belief. i bake. i don't cook.

and come on now....i had to have the fabulous amy butler quilt that was hanging on the wall at check out. it matched all of my green and turquoise dishes on my hutch perfectly. she needed a good home and i was glad to give it to her.

and finally.....while at costco rescuing the yellow tulips these poor little white roses were calling out to me as well. my pitcher on my dining room table was so empty and needed a little company.
feels so good to come home to my fresh and springy living room.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

{this is so blog worthy}

there are times in my life that my son just frustrates the heck out of me. he doesn't have time to talk, he doesn't have time to listen, blah, blah, blah......but, there are other times when i ask myself, "how did we get so lucky?"

zac came home from baseball practice tonight and asked me if i could bake him 2 dozen cookies. fair enough. he doesn't ask me to do stuff like that very often, so i figure there has to be a catch. and of course, there was. he and five other friends were going to go camping {just like last summer} in jonathan's backyard. these names will only mean something to those of you who know these boys, but the crew will include {zac, jonathan, heckman, kyler, lane, and brycen stutzman} the nicest boys on earth.
he also asked me for 5 bucks. not to buy beer {like a lot of kids his age would do}, but to go and buy the giant sized "arizona iced teas" in different flavors for everyone.

how did i get so lucky. hopefully they won't all freeze tonight as i'm sure the temperature will dip below freezing. i'm sure they will keep warm with a bon fire and conversation that would make all mom's blush.

i'm really proud of that kid!

{oh, happy day}

plus this.....

equals a very happy day indeed.

{thanks miss sunny duffy.....i am finally redeeming my birthday gift certificate from emma downtown a whole year expired tomorrow! }

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

{falling off the wagon}

just fell off the wagon.....if you consider eating eight skinny cow ice cream sandwiches in a matter of about an hour falling off the wagon....i think i am going to be sick.
it's kind of like when you are pregnant and something sounds so, so good and you eat it all at once and then you can never look at it again for as long as you live...i'm there. kind of like raspberry nutrigrain bars.....which is what i couldn't get enough of when i was pregnant with madison. i will never eat a skinny cow ice cream bar for the rest of my life.
don't hold me to that.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

{happy 14th birthday collie}

hard to believe our little girl is 14.
happy birthday collie.
i love you.
i was just looking back at my previous blog posts from over the past year. especially the time leading up to last year's auction. it was a particularly frustrating time for me at work.....working with a very spiteful, mean, and horrible co-worker. let's call it like it is....she was awful to work with....ask just about anybody that had to. she quit without notice. like a coward. it was actually a couple of days before the auction and i had been particularly nice and bending over backwards to help her with things both for work and personally all week. and then she basically came in, cleaned out her office, and was gone. it was really disrespectful to her boss and to the organization that she worked for. but, in the was so good.
i am so happy that that is no longer the situation. it is like a breath of fresh air to have amy in my life now. a true friend. a great co-worker. and a genuinely nice person. what a difference a year makes. it should be a great auction.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

{life's too short}

life's too short to not be spontaneous and crazy and a good friend to people you love!
what happens in vegas, stays in vegas.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


.....i have been way, way too "complainy."
my 13 year old pointed out to me last night that every time i complain about not wanting to work i should be happy that i have a job.
why does it take the words of a kid to make you snap to reality?
so, i am feeling extra grateful for my job at the bgca.

when you think of me and madison blogging, my spacing away.....this is where we sit.

this girl just says things that amaze me....sometimes it's things i've heard myself say to her, or things i have said to my friend and she just repeats it like a little parrot. makes me more careful of the things she over hears me say......that's for sure.
crazy busy with auction stuff this week. jessie is rockin' it getting everything ready for the catalog....she is simply amazing and i literally couldn't do my job without her. thank you so much, jess.

shopped for almost 2 1/2 hours today buying stuff for easter baskets. we had a very generous board member donate $400 for them. people are so giving.....they really are.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

{what are best friends for?}

a best friend turns his kitchen into a barber shop when you get a bad haircut from super cuts.

the final product. mohawk by zac hunter.