Tuesday, March 10, 2009

{falling off the wagon}

just fell off the wagon.....if you consider eating eight skinny cow ice cream sandwiches in a matter of about an hour falling off the wagon....i think i am going to be sick.
it's kind of like when you are pregnant and something sounds so, so good and you eat it all at once and then you can never look at it again for as long as you live...i'm there. kind of like raspberry nutrigrain bars.....which is what i couldn't get enough of when i was pregnant with madison. i will never eat a skinny cow ice cream bar for the rest of my life.
don't hold me to that.


Susanne P. said...

i did this once with pop tarts....the brown sugar ones. those are the kids' favorite ones and the smell of them makes my stomach turn.

Missy said...

wtf? 8 in an hour? ok........now just let it go.