Monday, June 30, 2008

{looking like the t.v.}

madison says she is looking like the t.v......
i asked why and she said,
"because i look ghetto."
true that sister.

{so not me}

this is so me.

this is so me.

this is so NOT me.
this might be me if i can figure out how i am paying for it after buying before mentioned

"man t.v. and stand."

this is me. stressed out.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

{relay for life}

the morning after.
relay for life was a blast.
thanks to everyone on our team.
more pictures to come very soon!!

{self portrait}

san fran self portrait.
trying to figure out what to wear.

Monday, June 23, 2008

{zac update day #2}

just got home from western oregon camp. what a day.
zac slept all night and we had him back to camp by 11:00.

he ate lunch with the team and was able to practice all afternoon.

with the encouragement of the doctor last night, we decided to stay all day just in case.

that is a very long, long, long, long drive when your kid is sick and you need to get there fast.

we left the epi pen with rascone and taught him how to use. hopefully that will never have to happen.

all of the coaches were calling him "hitch" all day (from the will smith movie)....

they said it was exactly how he looked before we came to pick him up last night.

since he refused to let me take pictures in the e.r. (believe me, i asked....i need to blog ya know), i thought i would post a picture of his twin instead.....
all in all i think he had a pretty good day at camp.
the kids from heritage high school were calling him "little vick" and saying that he was fast
"for a white kid."
pretty funny.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

{zachary update}

after i posted to sunny....
another phone call from a coach....we need to get to monmouth asap.....zac's face is getting really swollen.
drive to monmouth...get there at 10 pm....they are right....i can barely see his eyes.
take zac to e.r. in corvallis....bring home an epi pen.
home now at midnight.
more updates tomorrow.
so fun.
your right miss.....why can't anything ever be easy??
and why does it always seem to happen after 9 pm on a sunday night?
crappity crap.
he's sleeping now in his own bed and should be fine.
now i get to send him back to camp tomorrow. i won't be a nervous wreck all week or anything.

{shout out to idaho}

hey sunny....
wednesday night....drinks after work.....6:00 p.m.
we all think we should go to gametime....on the south side.
i think ryan thinks that is a little too ghetto.
even better.
what do you say??

{just when you think all is well}

so....i have one feeling quite a bit better.

but, in the mean time.....

got a call from one of zac's coaches tonight. zac is puking at camp, his face is itchy, his eyes are watery and all in all he feels like crap-ola.

tonight was the night for the kids to run their 40 and impress the coaches.

this kid can never catch a break. starting qb - watched practice laying on the bleachers all night.

looks like we will be making a trip to monmouth after we go to the doctor's in corvallis tomorrow.

i hate it when the kids aren't home and they are sick.....even when they are 16 it still sucks!!

{still not better}

zac left this morning for western oregon football camp.
hard to believe he is a junior.
he will have a blast....i was bummed i couldn't go with him, but was home
with my sicky.

madison seems to be feeling a little better. at least we knocked her out enough that she slept last night. will have to take her to the doctor tomorrow because urgent care was closed when she finally admitted her ear was still hurting a lot.

i will have to figure out how to work that one out with work etc. sometimes being a mom and being there for everyone all the time is really hard.

can i get an amen?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

{ear aches suck}

i forgot how hard it is to have a sick little one at home....even when they aren't so little.
madison has had an ear ache since tuesday.
her ear is so, so swollen tonight.
finally broke down and called the doctor on call tonight at about 10:30 pm.....
gave her more of her codeine and made a trip to albertson's for ibuprofen.
why is it when your kids are sick you never have what you need and you are running to the store in the middle of the night?
i need to be more prepared.

had plans to go with mom in the morning to a pottery barn decorating class.

had to call her tonight to back out. i felt really bad. i really wanted to go. i'm really lucky to have a mom who wouldn't want to go when madison is home sick.

i will take a raincheck and make it up to her.

sorry mom. i love you.

i think i see a trip to urgent care in corvallis in my future tomorrow.

good night.

Friday, June 20, 2008

{my niece shyra}

{fun in the sun}

really? are you serious? could it be?

madison would have been head over heals for this when she was little.
probably....still would.

{we were creative before our time}

check it out sunny.
we were creative and we didn't even know it.
dang. we're good.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

{tim russert}

kind of random.
but....i am really going to miss him.
what a great role model.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

{hey tangent}

if you are the lucky friend of a miss missy mary.....
i know who you are.
sherry that you?

{oh, those girls}

beautiful girls.
my maddie and collie.
how did we get so lucky missy?
are you sure these two aren't really sisters?

Monday, June 16, 2008

{little miss organized}

found this great idea today and thought i would share.
it's from this cool site.
i see a project in my future.
didn't call you when i got home because i JUST got home miss missy mary.
that's right 11 pm.
freezing in dallas, stopped at kfc for dinner, phone call, john's sister......the rest is history.
another trip to the e.r.
i think they need to just reserve us a parking space.
it was "dudeville" central tonight too. and we had zac with us, so you can only imagine the horror.
all is well.

{shout out to tangent}

if you are going to stalk this should at least comment.

come on now.

{quiet day at home}

madison is over at her other half's house today....
went and spent her $20 gift card from old navy (from christmas!!) on flip flops and tank tops. surprising how far $20 bucks can go at that store. 2 tanks - 4 pairs of flip flops. this girl's summer wardrobe is complete.
john is at work. jake and zac are at football, going over to help john move furniture at central, waiting for a phone call from rob at the bgca to find out about work (it will be a miracle if that happens), and then off to dallas for a baseball game.
i'm home alone doing laundry and going to go figure out dinner shortly.

i swiped this picture of miss sunny duffy's blog this morning. we had such a blast in corvallis. it was just a lazy, low key day.....the best kind. it made me sad to think of all of things i should have been doing with this girl while she was here because now she is leaving and we missed a lot of cool opportunities. i always refer to her as my bgca bff.

here is a picture of the great flowers i found. they were gorgeous and i am bound and determined to plant peonies in the back yard next year.

there were a couple of pictures of madison and i on her blog too. definitely not worth publishing for the public to see. thanks sunny. blah. that was definitely pay back for the "butt on the scooter" shot from the auction.

makes me even more anxious to get my hair cut tomorrow. seriously. ick.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

{sleep over - day #4}

day #3 of summer - day #4 of sleep overs.....
12 is pretty fun.

{happy father's day}

coach lusco's back will be harsh i'm sure.
in an effort to once again prove that we have a son, i had to swipe pictures of zac off of his friend's myspace pages. hopefully i will be able to snap some of my own this summer.
had a great day yesterday with madison, sunny, missy, and nicole. we all went to farmer's market in corvallis. i bought flowers {with the most beautiful peonies i have ever seen}, lettuce, onions, and bread from great harvest. 2 loaves! so yum.
took the girls to the used book store and let them pick out books. nicole and madison laid out in the back yard and read in their bikini's for about 2 hours.
cleaned all of the ouside windows across the back of the house, walked 3 miles last night, and am now getting ready to finish up with father's day stuff.
madison is laying in my bed reading a book....stuffed up as heck! are allergies killing anyone else out there. she is miserable. with a capital mis.
happy father's day. i will get back in blog mode soon....promise.

Monday, June 9, 2008

{last week of school}

my son is never available for pictures and when i do want to take one he is never very happy about it. i had to dig this one out of the "archives" just to prove we do have a son, as well as a daughter.
spring football camp started today. he is in heaven. nice that he can drive himself to and from practice. half rack next week - wosu camp the week after that.
last week of school. i have a feeling i will be seeing a lot of this crew at my house this summer.

madison cleaned her whole room for me last night without even being asked. it was such a nice treat. she is such a sweet girl. and a little ocd like her mom.

i think madison is looking foward to a well deserved break and a chance to not be the youngest at school next year.

6th grade is hard....don't let anyone tell you it isn't.

grandma pat fell again tonight. we were in the e.r. for 3 hours. all is well....i suppose.

walked 2 miles with my's 8:30 pm and i am just now sitting down to take a break.

why can't adults have a summer vacation too?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

{short and sweet}

on my way out the door to finish setting up for ladies night out.
thought i would share this because missy wanted to see the scary principal at her son's school.
john hunter aka tarzan.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

{hard to be strong}

when you are starting to fall apart.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

{walk it out}

had a little pizzamore freak out.

walked home.

needed to walk and my bff had already gone without me.

ya gots to do what ya gots to do.

i would use our newest phrase here, but it might be inappropriate for visiting guests.

i will abbreviate.....

_uckity, _uck, _uck.

walk it out.

{mutin chops}

i just googled mutin chops so i could show you all of the famous celebrities with them.....
it doesn't even recognize the word!!
is that an adaptor for your phone, or is that your mutin chop????
......but, you know we still love ya.

{missy miss}

never found a camera she didn't love.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

{be nice to yo mama}

she's the only one ya got.

{weekend wrap up}

no more kids in the house.
madison in bed at 8:00....taylor is back at home.
zac is at haleigh's read that right grammy....if you are reading this.

the boy's camp out in the backyard was lots of fun.

worked in the yard all weekend. the picture above was from the spring....we've done a lot since.

the bbq pit has gotten a workout the last couple of weeks.

lighter fluid and 16 year old boys don't mix.

{slumber party - night #2}

you know you have had a long weekend when you are looking forward to work to get a break.

2 nights.

10 kids total {zac's friends + madison's friends}

some inside.

some outside.

calgon take me away.

good kids, though.

we are very lucky.