Monday, June 9, 2008

{last week of school}

my son is never available for pictures and when i do want to take one he is never very happy about it. i had to dig this one out of the "archives" just to prove we do have a son, as well as a daughter.
spring football camp started today. he is in heaven. nice that he can drive himself to and from practice. half rack next week - wosu camp the week after that.
last week of school. i have a feeling i will be seeing a lot of this crew at my house this summer.

madison cleaned her whole room for me last night without even being asked. it was such a nice treat. she is such a sweet girl. and a little ocd like her mom.

i think madison is looking foward to a well deserved break and a chance to not be the youngest at school next year.

6th grade is hard....don't let anyone tell you it isn't.

grandma pat fell again tonight. we were in the e.r. for 3 hours. all is well....i suppose.

walked 2 miles with my's 8:30 pm and i am just now sitting down to take a break.

why can't adults have a summer vacation too?

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Sunny & Darrin said...

Don't worry about yesterday and I agree...adults need a vacation too! You better be taking one. I am in my denial stage of the whole leaving thing so I am sure that my breakdown will be soon upon us! I love you and am so grateful for you!