Tuesday, June 30, 2009

{beer festival}

we are planning yet another event at the bgca....
a beer festival in october.
we have been brainstorming ideas for the {name} of this event.
it's harder than you think when it is a fundraiser that is for kids that involves beer.
don't judge. just give me your suggestions.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

{weekend shmeekend}

{the boy}

{hammer time}

i'm trying to force myself into a good mood today.

this has definitely helped.

{blast from the past}

detroit lake with the matta's

camping in newport with grammy and papa and a powdered donught.

new princess panties from disneyland.
i found these in a file madison created yesterday. i think she just took pictures of the photos. i really need to get a scanner and get all of the kids old pictures on a disk. i never even look at them because they are just in boxes. i miss her being so little.

Monday, June 22, 2009

{this one cracks me up}

she might possibly be the funniest girl i know.
she stands up for herself and won't take crap from anyone.
she knows how to let things slide....until {enough is enough} and then
she will {tell it like it is}.
i wish i had her courage when i was 13....and her humor when i was 39.

{i heart nyc}

they're back from nyc.
so happy.
pedis and burritos today.
it's good to have you back bff.

{how did i get so lucky}

this is a picture from the auction last year at the bgca.
3 of the gals in the picture are no longer working here....
{ally, tara, and miss sunny}
and amy and jessie aren't in this picture.
i think it is very rare now a days to have a group of co-workers that you really consider to be great friends....we don't get together all of the time after work, or see each other on the weekends on a regular basis, but they are all people that you feel like if you {really, really} needed something....they would come running.
beautiful, smart, compassionate, and talented girls.
how did i get so lucky to end up here?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

{news flash}

maddie took this picture of the two of us in my car on the afternoon of ladies night out.
i love it. my hair actually looks cute and i don't have a double chin.
obviously a good angle!
and i have breaking news for you.

you live in albany, oregon. you are not a big deal. i know you think you are. i know that your parents handed you everything that you have. but, guess what? you're not! and we all think it's funny. ha!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


this was kind of a weird day for me. felt yuck-o all day yesterday and it definitely carried over to today. spent the majority of the day in bed trying to shake the feeling of nausea. blah!

this picture...is just, well....funny to me....i have no idea where they were. i found it in my blog file....just another madison photo shoot. it kind of freaks me out that they are actually {touching} the urinal....i guarantee they weren't supposed to be in the boy's bathroom and i absolutely guarantee they didn't wash their hands. ewwwww!

and the gals at work think that zac just needs a cowboy hat while he is riding the lawn mower at work and he would look like "mcdreamy" in {can't buy me love}....

i tried to explain that to him, but he is much too young to even know what in the heck i'm talking about it....it came out in 1987 i think....he was born in 1992.

feeling old yet?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

{lazy summer day}

madison's bored. i can tell.
and i'm pretty sure she stole my shirt....it looks much cuter on her, though.
can't wait to get home today. need to plan a few summer trips with the kids
or i think we all might just go crazy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

{softball game}

just got home from timber linn with my girlie....
went to watch the bgca softball team.
we won! whoop, whoop!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

{summer time}

school's out....it's officially summer at the hunter's house.
which means lots of guilt for all working moms in albany....hard to be at work when your kids are at home, but sadly when they become teenagers....they much prefer mom not being around all of the time.
ashley has been over at the house a lot lately. we love having her and the girls will have lots of fun together this summer i'm sure.

madison babysat for maxine the other day and let bubba draw all over her face. babysitting jobs this summer would be wonderful for her....any takers?

zac's baseball season ended on a high note making it to the second round of the state playoffs.

he is such a great kid with a huge heart....here he is with neusch and eli.

great group of kids with a bright future ahead of them.
that's all i have right now...having a frustrating day and can't think of much of anything positive to say, so i will leave it at that.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

{spilling the beans}

i'm actually spilling the beans about my weekend plans.
i've been dying...haven't even told my bff because i wanted to post something on my blog as a big surprise....and here goes....my mom and i are heading to spokane bright and early tomorrow morning for the farm chicks show.
i'm so excited. it should be a great adventure. i will take lots of pictures to post when i get back.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

{lunch date}

had a lovely lunch date with my beautiful daughter today.
it's sunny.
my week is almost over.
have actually enjoyed running.
can't wait for the weekend.
*good day*