Wednesday, June 17, 2009


this was kind of a weird day for me. felt yuck-o all day yesterday and it definitely carried over to today. spent the majority of the day in bed trying to shake the feeling of nausea. blah!

this just, well....funny to me....i have no idea where they were. i found it in my blog file....just another madison photo shoot. it kind of freaks me out that they are actually {touching} the urinal....i guarantee they weren't supposed to be in the boy's bathroom and i absolutely guarantee they didn't wash their hands. ewwwww!

and the gals at work think that zac just needs a cowboy hat while he is riding the lawn mower at work and he would look like "mcdreamy" in {can't buy me love}....

i tried to explain that to him, but he is much too young to even know what in the heck i'm talking about came out in 1987 i think....he was born in 1992.

feeling old yet?


Miss Anne said...

get well soon sweet pea!


and yes

that picture makes me feel old.


Jessie said...

I felt old when kids were wearing "Made in the 80s" shirts at the dance. They weren't "made in the 80s"...try the 90s, then I remembered I was made in the 70s! Ahh!