Tuesday, December 30, 2008

{rebel football}

found this on youtube today for uncle grant.


16 year old boys giggle more than 12 year old girls.
much more.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

{i have a feeling.....}

.....that while at the movies, you shouldn't be taking pictures in the bathroom stalls.

.....that you shouldn't be trying on bras in the middle of fred meyer.

.......or flannel nightgowns.

what am i gonna do with this crazy girl?
p.s. the snake has left the building. for good. long story. $200 down the drain.
john owes me big time.

Friday, December 26, 2008

{day after christmas}

double chin alert....thought i would include this lovely picture of my double chin to encourage me to get off the {fat ass train} and get on the smokin' hot mama train in 2009.
john's waffle iron = $30 {thrilled to death}
stupid snake = $220 {no reaction - confusion - sadness}
no good deed........:)
presents galore.........

missy.....madison will love this picture just as much as nicole will love hers....i had to add it

i have a hilarious story about this shirt.
we opened presents from my brother at my mom and dad's house. when it came time for my mom to open her present she opened a box from them and it had 50 one dollar bills inside.......it was from my brother. john asked if they had included chip and dale tickets to go along with the ones! my 90 year old grandpa was there......it was hysterical. and then there was a note about this tank top and it was a size small. we were laughing so hard we were crying about why in the world grant would send my mom a size small tank.
turns out she accidentally opened madison's present. it was really funny. maybe you had to be there.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

{buzz kill}

my new favorite phrase.

just got off of the phone from missy and told her i would post the dorky pictures of my family from this morning, however looking through them all they are all pretty dorky. i will explain some and others will just have to go unexplained to protect the identity of those who may read this blog.

nuff said.

arguments about the sweatshirt when we got home {the whole WA v SA thing}........................buzz kill.

cleaning up mounds of wrapping paper. buzz kill.

your son opening up a wii in the morning after receiving an xbox 360 for christmas eve from his girlfriends parents. kind of anti-climatic. total buzz kill. and totally annoying.

only missy will get this. xbox 360 from gina. flashlight from grammy and papa.
i die.

stupid snake. buzz kill.
i will share the great things about christmas tomorrow, but for now....these were my buzz kills for the day.
and.......congratulations jessie. She's engaged!! definitely NOT a buzz kill.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

{merry christmas eve}

madison and taylor's 3 a.m. photo shoot the other night.
these were the tame pictures.......i never knew someone could jump so high off our couch.
hope everyone has a wonderful christmas eve and morning.
we are heading out in about an hour to go over to megan's house {not in my original plan}, over to mom and dad's for dinner, and then back home to watch a movie.
so excited for christmas this year.
bff.....hope you are surviving your christmas eve day. the flu isn't fun. hopefully everyone will take care of your while you are chillin' on the couch. i'm just sayin'.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

{sugar cookies}

such a good night. did you check out what zac's cookie says?

{december 22}

started out the day getting ready for megan to come over for dinner, games, and then we were going to decorate cookies. her plans changed and she wasn't able to come over.....so, we decided to carry on!

later that night rascone came over and john told me he had a surprise for me later. i kind of forgot about it, but about an hour later our friend zach {one of zachary's coaches} showed up with their new baby ezra that they adopted from ethiopia. i was in heaven. taylor, madison, and i played with him for about an hour and then all of us decided to go out to dinner at applebee's. coach zach even came. we had a great time. my zac was laughing and joking the whole time.

then we came home and played pass the pigs. rascone decided to stay and be zac's date since megan couldn't come over. i haven't laughed that hard in years. the girls went upstairs to text {of course} and i played with the boys. it was the best.

the boys would get creative on how to "roll the pigs." they had them jumping off their hats, rolling them under their legs, bouncing them.....you name it. we were laughing so hard. i die.

later we decorated christmas cookies. i thought the girls would be all over that, but it was the boys who were totally into it. i will post pictures later.

now i'm getting ready for burrito tuesday with my bff.

so happy.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

{things that make me go hmmmm?}

  • why do women hang out at bars with married guys?
  • why do people have pumpkins on their front porch and christmas lights on their house?
  • why is it snowing over a foot in portland and only raining in albany?
  • why have i only eaten swedish fish and chocolate pop tarts today?
  • why does john have a nice car and i drive a tracker?
  • why aren't we decorating christmas cookies tonight?
  • why do people pretend like their lives are perfect when we all know they aren't?

that's my vent for the day. i feel better.

Friday, December 19, 2008

{students relish success of sale}

Students at Central Elementary School really cut the mustard.To prove it, they spent Thursday morning giving Principal Jon Hunter the works.Hunter had told the school’s Parent Club he would dress as a hot dog and allow himself to be covered with condiments if students selling cookie dough met their goal of $6,000.That’s a promise he came to regret after the school raised $6,080 for field trips, robotics experiments and an upcoming artist-in-resident program.On Thursday, two “top-dog” fundraising students (Dayton Hoffman-Sanders and Patrick Spence), several teachers’ aides, Office Manager Kathy Bond and Eileen Gibbs’ entire kindergarten class lined up to claim their prize.The gym rang with earsplitting shrieks of glee as the group took turns dousing Hunter with ketchup and mustard, smearing on mayonnaise and flinging huge spoonfuls of relish and sauerkraut.“It’s all about the presentation, I guess,” Hunter sighed, picking bits of pickle and cabbage off the pale pink long johns and cardboard bun that parent Kela Lynn had made for him to wear.“He looks disgusting,” observed first-grader Alexis Bottini, 6.An individual parent donated the condiments after hearing about the challenge, Lynn said. No parent club money was spent on the event.Murmured one teacher, eyeing the aftermath: “I hope they don’t serve hot dogs for lunch.”

Thursday, December 18, 2008

{ask me about my weiner}

i had the best day. new doo from my bff at 9:00.
then we both headed over to an assembly at one of j's schools.
he dressed up like a hot dog and the kids threw condiments on him.....
it was seriously the funniest thing i have ever seen. the kids were dying and chanting and cheering and i loved it.
my camera took horrible pictures because i was so far away. the paper was there though, so i will post pictures tomorrow. it was classic. missy and i kept saying that these kids will be talking about this with their kids when they are 40.....i die.
and he smelled dis-gusting!

this was the movie clip that kept running through my head the entire time. so wrong to say at an elementary school......but, it kept running through my mind. i giggle just thinking about it.

and i found this picture of my goof ball daughter on my camera tonight. she is a goof.

Monday, December 15, 2008

{kitchen aid}

my aunt carol gave john and i her kitchenaid a couple of years ago.....she got a new one to match her beautiful new kitchen, so i gladly inherited her old one.

i'm embarressed to say that i had never used it until today. but....i am happy to say that i will never mix cookie dough by hand again. it made me very happy.

still super cold outside today. madison has been at taylor's house for the entire day. john, zac, and i watched a movie together inbetween me working on stuff for the bgca. nice to be able to work from home when i need to. i actually got pretty orgaganized.

hoping for no school tomorrow, but a safe ride to work for me. hopefully john will be home again and can just drive me as the roads will still be quite icy.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

{the dance worked}

snowy. icy. really cold.
and best of all......no school tomorrow!
woo hoo!!!!!
no work. no work. no work.
{i hope. i hope. i hope}

{walkin' in a winter wonderland}

zac left about a half hour ago to walk with meg.
john and madison just walked out the door.
i love the snow.

{snow angel}

still snowing.

{snow dance......successful!}

little miss madison went over to babysit for the trenary's. alli had to go help out her sister in park city. she made some bank.....way too much.....$30 for 3 hours. i'll take that job please.

hey jessie! it's snowing. the dance worked.

and it's really sticking. like for real. it's beautiful and perfect and definitely {work closing} worthy!

go. go. go. go. snow. snow. snow. snow.

{whale wars}

woke up this morning around 6 a.m. and peaked out my window.....snow. ahh. love it.

by the time i actually rolled out of bed around 9:00 it had practically all melted, but it is still bitterly cold out and snowing and icy in portland....so, there is still hope.
i'm hopin' and prayin' like a elementary school kid. no school tomorrow......please. let it be so snowy and icy that school and work is cancelled. i have a late night tomorrow. board appreciation/auction kick off. i'm totally okay with a big ol' fat cancellation

having more than 2 days off at a time is both a blessing and a curse. it's a blessing because i get so much done.....a curse because i get used to it and then have to go back to reality.

here is where i have spent most of my day. laying on my cozy bed with a coffee, a blankie, and whale wars. i'm a little obsessed with it today. hard to believe that whale hunting even exists anymore. it makes me want to put my green peace shirt on and protest.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

{like a dream}

winter formal {like a dream} is tonight at the high school.
this picture is absolutely positively my favorite. just look at the way he is looking at her. you can almost see the little hearts popping out of his eyes.

this is the same dress that meg wore for homecoming when she was a freshman.
check out those lashes.

their winter formal tradition. meg and her crazy shoes {silver glitter converse this time} and zac and his not so fancy nike socks.
they are definitely growing up.


chaos at work last night.
chaos at the mall.
chaos when i got home.
complain. complain. complain.