Thursday, December 25, 2008

{buzz kill}

my new favorite phrase.

just got off of the phone from missy and told her i would post the dorky pictures of my family from this morning, however looking through them all they are all pretty dorky. i will explain some and others will just have to go unexplained to protect the identity of those who may read this blog.

nuff said.

arguments about the sweatshirt when we got home {the whole WA v SA thing} kill.

cleaning up mounds of wrapping paper. buzz kill.

your son opening up a wii in the morning after receiving an xbox 360 for christmas eve from his girlfriends parents. kind of anti-climatic. total buzz kill. and totally annoying.

only missy will get this. xbox 360 from gina. flashlight from grammy and papa.
i die.

stupid snake. buzz kill.
i will share the great things about christmas tomorrow, but for now....these were my buzz kills for the day.
and.......congratulations jessie. She's engaged!! definitely NOT a buzz kill.


Missy said...

I love that we find humor in life. Other wise we would be in the looney bin. I am DYING about the Xbox 360 and the flashlight. Will forever go down in history as the biggest BUZZ KILL EVER. (well, a close second to GT). tee hee.

Miss Anne said...

.... love your new line!

glad your xmas was good... sans the xbox/flashlight incident...

trust me, i've had my fair share of those too.

i'm hopin' for a 2009 reindition of our american dream pizza lunch?


Susanne P. said...

a snake? gross.

wow....zach's all set! what a xmas for the guy.