Monday, March 31, 2008

{new blogger alert}

her mama coming to a blog near you.

{back on track}

finally got back on track and went on a walk with my best bizzle.
i think that everybody needs to go on a walk with us.
it is the funniest thing you have ever done. we laugh the entire 3 miles.
i think i will start blogging our {daily discussion}.
if anyone wants to walk the prerequisite is that you have to be able to get ready in
{5 minutes flat}
when it's time to's time to walk...or we will talk ourselves out of it.
check back for walking updates.

{betty rubble}

shout out to betty rubble.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

{run down of my far}

started out the day with my usual....
a venti coffee light frappacino from starbucks.
then it was out to poet's garden for their birthday party.
oh my many cute things {you are doing such a great job heidi}.
i kept saying to my mom, "i wish heidi was out here. she would tell me what to buy."
i am debating on buying the great new pictures that were hanging above the
amazing new bird know the the little shed?
i couldn't bring myself to buy 3 at $85 each. i'm working up the courage.

then....john and i took miss madison to salem to eat at her favorite restaurant.

soup salad and breadsticks, of course.

then it was off to the mall. madison made out like a bandit of course.

found this cute sweatshirt at aeropostale {along with a few other cute things}.

and what shopping trip isn't complete without a treat??

madison's on her way to a friend's house to spend the night, john and zac are watching march madness, and i am about ready to curl up on my bed, listen to the rain, and watch a good movie.

a pretty great day.

Friday, March 28, 2008


american dream pizza.
for corndog.
is this some sort of inside joke??

{shower inspiration}

'nuff said.

too tired to link....or blog....or be creative.

inspiration for sunny's shower.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

{ode to elsie}

there is this girl.
i don't even know her....but i would love to be her friend.
or just go back in time and hang out with her and my {24} year old self.
her name is elsie.

she is just the cutest thing ever.....with an amazing spirit.

she is an artist.

she is creative.

and just down right cute.

anyway....i just wanted you to meet her.
i think she is pretty amazing.

{josh kelley}

reminding me of them today....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


ikea is ridiculous.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

{the wall}

how great would this be for your wall of pictures?
i found this picture in a collection of christmas ideas from pottery barn.

{coastal kitchen}

are you serious? a pink fridge?
if i were to have a shabby house....this might be it.

and my favorite robin's egg blue. heaven.

{slumber party idea}

i don't remember whose blog i found this on, but seriously...
the cutest idea for a birthday party or slumber party ever.
i know that they used ikea flat sheets and 8' tables.


there are so many local companies that have the most creative
and wonderful things for sale.
i ran across little deer in my blogging travels.

i really think i need a baby girl to put these shoes on.

Monday, March 24, 2008

{it's official}

zac's first car.
john's 1985 dream car.

{can i get a loan please}

here's the run down of my day off....
a) run all over albany and corvallis looking at every used car lot in town
b) drive through every neighborhood known to man in this town looking for used cars
c) come home and decide the tracker's not half bad
d) dad details tracker and takes 15 year old son for lesson #2
e) while boys are practicing in the parking lot of the high gets a phone call from dad's secretary asking if we would want to buy their 1989 firebird?
f) what boy in his right mind wouldn't want this?
g) and only $1,500 and only 70,000 miles.
h) the boys are on their way to scio to check it out.
my car insurance doubles in a week.
i'm taking donations.

{random for missy}

oh, if only i could pull off a pink room.


i found this idea for your little nook you are looking for in your house. i know that both of us could carve out a spot in our house for this. the site is really cool too. you need to stalk it before you come over for our blog extravaganza.

i seriously need an extra room just so i can have these bunk beds.

and check out this site too. so, so sweet and adorable.

{surfer room}

so....miss madison has been wishing for a surfer/coastal bedroom for a couple of years now.

not that these storage pieces from the land of nod are necessarily "coasty"
or even "teen-age-ry," but so cute.

and i'm almost certain there is no reason in the world that a 12 year old girl needs a "play station" to store her crayons, but come cute is this??

add a couple suitcases....

a personalized sign....

and a surfer rug....

wa la!! the beginnings of a great little room.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


took zac over to the high school parking lot to teach him how to drive a stick.

are there any parents out there?
i'm sure i don't even need to tell you how it turned out.
round 2 tomorrow.
heaven help us all.

{peace out}

happy easter.

{happy cupcake}

i seriously love sprinkles cupcakes...
now, i've never tasted one in my life, but just the idea of an
entire store dedicated to cupcakes is delightful to me.

did you know that you don't have to travel to california to have a sprinkle's cupcake?

william sonoma

has a kit you can make at home. complete with the little sprinkle for the top.

i thought this idea from the actual store

would be so cute for sunny's wedding.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

{pottery barn love}

i mean seriously....does it get any more amazing than this??

i need some serious retail therapy tonight.

Friday, March 21, 2008

{hey, john!}

found it!!

and by the way....he made the tackle.

{rebels win}

{from tonight's paper}

Prep roundup: Rebels hurl one-hitter in 11-2 win over Woodburn.
Josh Rudzik and Matt Hettwer combined on a one-hitter as the Rebels collected their third straight Mid-Willamette Conference baseball victory over Woodburn, winning 11-2.The Rebels were the visiting team even though the game was played at South Albany due to poor field conditions at Woodburn.A single on the first pitch of the game from Rudzik was the only hit that the Bulldogs could muster on the day.South Albany unloaded for 16 hits and broke to a quick 4-0 lead after two. A six-run fifth put it out of reach.Tim Herd had three hits, including two doubles and also drove in two for South. Rudzik, Zac Hunter, Bob Belcher, and Josh Heckman all had two hits in the game and Hunter also drove in a pair.Rudzik and Hettwer combined for seven strikeouts and didn’t allow an earned run.“A nice start,” said South coach Chad Angel. “It gives us a little momentum and to have some games under our belts is good. A lot of teams didn’t get in any this week.”The Rebels (3-0), play a non-league doubleheader Saturday at Central.

{hey mom}

hey mom...
these are the little bags i was talking about on the backs of the chairs.
i remembered last night where i saw the idea.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

{rebels baseball}

zac's friend kyler scoring a run at our game on Tuesday.
We won again tonight {in the rainy, rainy, rain}to start out the season 3-0 in league.
zac had two great hits and did great at second{in his mama's opinion}.
congrats rebels.
now the hard work starts.....i think woodburn might be an easy win for most teams.

{pedestal bowl}

....ok, so i'm a little obsessed with this site.

here is my pedestal {well, hurricane actually} contribution to the idea board.

rainy, rainy day....

i'm sure zac's game will be cancelled.

{save the date}

madison is home sick from school today.....
perfect opportunity to work on sunny's bridal shower.
put together about half of her {save the date} cards
the rest will have to wait until i go buy more ribbon.

how lucky am i that her name really is {sunny d}

can't wait for july!