Saturday, March 29, 2008

{run down of my far}

started out the day with my usual....
a venti coffee light frappacino from starbucks.
then it was out to poet's garden for their birthday party.
oh my many cute things {you are doing such a great job heidi}.
i kept saying to my mom, "i wish heidi was out here. she would tell me what to buy."
i am debating on buying the great new pictures that were hanging above the
amazing new bird know the the little shed?
i couldn't bring myself to buy 3 at $85 each. i'm working up the courage.

then....john and i took miss madison to salem to eat at her favorite restaurant.

soup salad and breadsticks, of course.

then it was off to the mall. madison made out like a bandit of course.

found this cute sweatshirt at aeropostale {along with a few other cute things}.

and what shopping trip isn't complete without a treat??

madison's on her way to a friend's house to spend the night, john and zac are watching march madness, and i am about ready to curl up on my bed, listen to the rain, and watch a good movie.

a pretty great day.

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Heidi said...

I'm glad you had fun out at Poet's. I wish I could claim some responsibility for the way it looks out there, but it's all Mom and Shan. Shannon has a great eye, you should make her talk you into something. ;)