Sunday, August 31, 2008

{soggy shoppers}

are you kidding me right now?
just got home from eugene and a day of school clothes shopping with madison.
ate lunch late in the afternoon at "olive garden" - our 7th year eating there after shopping.

we got soaked. we watched the clouds roll in and before we knew it there was a huge down pour. we made one last run for valley river to finish spending the $100 we had left burning a hole in our pocket.

pretty successful. top it off....we found $20 on the, make that $120 to spend.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

{thanks, meg}

meg made zac this super cute cake for his first game.
here is another video from katu this morning.

{2 a.m.}

bryce, tyler, chad, madison, john, rascone, some other random coach, bree.....
they're still holding on strong. right now bryce has rascone in the "anaconda hold" on the floor.
seriously tired.
the video from the game is now up and running. check out the block from #7.
gotta love that kid.

{photo gallery}

{rebels rout liberty}

Coach Tony Matta couldn’t have asked for a better debut.The first-year Rebels head coach got a 63-13 win over visiting Liberty to start his South Albany tenure as all three aspects of his football team performed at a midseason level.The Rebels got on the board early with a heavy dose of the tailback tandem of Jesse Duke and Greg Hoover while quarterback Zac Hunter establish an early season rapport with wideout Matt Savage.After South got on the board with three first- quarter touchdowns, Hunter hooked up with Savage for a 25-yard touchdown, as the two connected for three scores on the night.With the coaches advising their Rebel players to not let up, the offense and defense did so briefly, surrendering 85- and 21-yard touchdown runs on consecutive plays by the Falcons.South would not allow another score the rest of the way, dominating time of possession and field position throughout.“Our kids have been putting in time all summer long,” Matta said after the game.“They’ve really learned how to work hard.”The special teams unit was Matta’s biggest weapon as they accounted for four blocked punts while consistently providing short fields for an offense which put up nine scores.“We approach special teams as another team, so the best 11 guys are going to be on the field at all times,” says Matta.While Duke carried the team with 181 yards on 11 touches, Duke says his team’s 50-point victory was all a team effort.“We showed that we are going to be pretty good running the ball. We did really good on offense and defense tonight. Everything was working,” Duke said on his way to the locker room.“It also helps out a lot when you have a good special teams.”Hoover, Duke’s backfield mate, shares those same sentiments.“Without our offensive line, we’d do nothing. Everything just came together tonight,” says Hoover.“We are showing that we are more of a family this year.”South Albany (1-0) hosts Thurston on Friday.South Albany 63, Liberty 13Liberty. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0 13 0 0 — 13South Albany . . . . . . . . . . . 20 22 15 6 — 63First quarterSA: Duke 23 run (Hoover run), 4:13SA: Hunter 4 run (run failed), 2:17SA: Savage 13 pass from Hunter (run failed), 1:00Second quarterSA: Savage 25 pass from Hunter (Duke run), 10:54L: Edmonds 85 run (Huffman kick), 10:39L: No. 21 10 run (pass failed), 9:46SA: Robbins 14 pass from Hunter (pass failed) 6:06SA: Savage 27 pass from Hunter (Duke run), 1:26Third quarterSA: Hoover 10 run (Flores run), 9:01SA:L. Stutzman 2 run (Robbins kick), 3:06Fourth quarterSA: B. Stutzman 1 run (kick failed), 7:28Individual statisticsRushing: Liberty, 21-133; Edmonds 12-117, Hahn 4-19, Bohemia 1-7, Selby 2-5, Huffman 1-2, No. 3 1-1. SA 45-414; Duke 11-181, L. Stutzman 5-85, Lehman 4-49, B. Stutzman 7-46, Hoover 5-33, Brown 3-12, Hunter 4-10, Del Rio 3-2.Passing: Liberty, 5-23-0-25; Dunham 4-16-0-30, Bohemia 0-6-0-0, Huffman 1-1-0-(-5). SA — Hunter 6-9-0-112Receiving: Liberty, No. 3 1-15, Smith 1-8, Hahn 1-4, 1-3. SA — Savage 5-98, Robbins 1-14.

{rebels win season opener}

it's 1:12 a.m.
first after game party of the year is in full effect.....and i'm upstairs blogging.
it's about at this time when just the die hards are left....madison is downstairs entertaining them all.
everyone is trying to talk her into going to south albany. bryce bennett is her new bestfriend. she is the life of the party. if any of you know can only imagine the laughter i am hearing from 30 year old coaches.
looking forward to a 3 day weekend and school clothes shopping with madison on sunday.
zac's team won tonight. big time. by like over 50 points. zac didn't play for the entire 4th quarter. it was pretty brutal.
next week is going to be a tough game against thurston.....not even close to an easy win.

Friday, August 29, 2008

{beyond inspired}

today i am beyond inspired.

you simply must go and see this blog today.

words cannot express how absolutely lovely i think this idea is. sign my girls up!

now if i only had the time.....i certainly have the gumption.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

{butterflies in my tummy}

Liberty at South Albany Records:
Liberty 2-8, 1-6 Northwest Oregon Conference;
South Albany 5-5, 3-4 Mid-Willamette Conference.
This game should allow the Rebels to get off on a positive step, as they did last year with wins against Hillsboro and Century.


....are dumb.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

{just to annoy zac.....again}

Preview: South Albany Rebels
By John Holland, Special to, August 27, 2008 8:28 p.m.
Head coach: Tony Matta
Last year: 5-5 (3-4)
Key loss: WR/DB Colby Maynard Key returnee: RB/LB Jesse Duke
Key game: 10/24 @ West Albany - Complete 2008 Schedule

Season outlook
The South Albany Rebels have one goal going into the 2008-09 season; the playoffs. In order to break out in the tough Mid -Willamette conference, South Albany will need buckle down on defense and improve on the 24.5 points per game they allowed during league play in 2007-08.
Offensively, the Rebels won't surprise anyone when they line up in their trademark double wing offensive scheme. This system that produces multiple 1,000 rushers year after year for the Rebels.
Senior RB Jesse Duke, who is chasing his third straight 1,000-yard season on the ground, will head the running game up. Duke was fifth in the league last year with 1,028 yards and 8 td's in a secondary role for the Rebels. Senior Greg Hoover should see a lot of carries as he looks to help lighten the load for Duke. Head coach Tony Matta is high on Hoover calling him the "fastest guy on the team" with "the speed to change a game".
With the departure of Tony Darcy, a league first team tackle in 07-08, South Albany will look to Junior Bond Sumey (6-5, 265) and Senior David Hardenbrook (6-3, 260) to be their anchors on the ever-important offensive line.
Junior Zac Hunter will come in as the starting QB after a limited role last season. His primary target will be Senior WR Matt Savage, who raised some eyebrows in WOU team camp this summer. If Hunter and Savage can establish a passing game early on in the season, the rebels will gain an element of their offense that has been missing for the past few seasons.
Defensively the rebels will line up in an aggressive 4-3, with blitzing backers and lockdown corners. Matt Savage (5-10, 160) has great speed at the corner back spot, and SS Justin Robbins (6-1, 200) has the size to lay serious sticks on opposing wide receivers and running backs alike. In a league where the running game reigns supreme, South Albany will need to improve dramatically on their ability to stop the run. Senior Kyle Sprinkle is a bit undersized (6-1, 195) but a fast defensive end, who will look to be a leader on the front line. Senior Linebacker Michael VanDoren is the defensive leader and should play a huge roll in stopping the run. VanDoren had a solid year in 2007-08 with 32 tackles and 6 sacks, playing in the shadow of senior standout Zach Ayers. VanDoren proved last season that he could play. Expect more of the same.
With the amount of improvement we've seen from South Albany over the past 3 seasons, their goal of making the Playoffs may not seem so far fetched. As long as they can learn to mix it up on offense, play competitive defense and sneak in a few big wins against tough league opponents like Corvallis and Dallas, the dream may just become a reality.

Top players• QB/FS Zac Hunter, 5-8, 160• RB/LB Jesse Duke, 5-7, 190• G/DE Kyle Sprenkle, 6-1, 195• T/DT David Hardenbrook, 6-3, 260• T/DT Bond Sumey, 6-5, 265• WR/DB Matt Savage, 5-10, 160• FB/LB Michael VanDoran, 6-1, 230• TE/SS Justin Robbins, 6-1, 200• RB/DB Greg Hoover, 5-11, 200• RB/LB Lane Stutzman, 5-10, 175• C/DT TJ Chapman, 6-1, 260• TE/LB Colton Kelsey, 6-3, 215

{new doo for jessie lou}

not so sure about the make-up, but i think this might be your new doo!

{hello, friend}

so good to see you today.
hope your heart helps your head make the right decisions for you.
you are exactly where you need to be.
coming to see me today may turn out to be fate.
school will always be there when you are ready.
your girls will be grown before you know it.
whatever you decide is the right decision.....follow your gutt.
i am behind you 100%

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

{it's sad....}

"It's sad when people you know become people you knew, when you can walk right past someone like they were never a big part of your life, how you used to be able to talk for hours and how now you can barely even look at them. It's sad how times change."
-Nicole Mary

Monday, August 25, 2008

{cheer up, friend}

the reverse raffle is almost over.
hang in there.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


sometimes just random picures show up in my inbox on comcast.
seriously....this picture from our board retreat just popped up. the board retreat was clear back in july. how random is that?
anyway.....this is miss janie bacio. the greatest receptionist i know.....but, don't cross her. she will kick your ass! i'm kind of scared. i most definitely, without a doubt will call her the next time i need to throw down at the bar.....because as you all know, i frequent the bar all of the time. like every other day. it's kind of how i roll.
but, seriously.....she is the friend i have at work that if i am having a bad day i can't even look at her or i will burst into tears. she knows this about me. i can just give her the look, walk out the door, and tell her all about it the next day. she gets it. i love that about you janie!
thanks for being a good friend and an amazing mommy to your kids!
{quit favoring them, though......sheesh!}

{new sunday tradition}

happy sunday morning.
madison and i walked down to starbucks this morning. about a mile and a half one way.....had a coffee and split a pastry. then we went to albertson's to grab a can of chili for lunch later.
we decided that if the weather is cooperating this will be our new sunday morning tradition.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

{road trip 2008}

my bff and madison
our road trip crew......missy, nicole, madison, and mommy. of these things is not like the other. what's with all the blonde hair people?
thank goodness for missy with her camera. she took so many great shots this weekend. i will just have to continue to steal them from her. if you want to see more you will have to check out her blog.
went to a great purse party at her house last night. actually spent a little money on myself and bought two purses. waking up with a little guilt, but i will probably be happy i bought them later this afternoon.
going to try and be productive today and clean out at least part of my closet. i think i will set a timer for 15 minutes......clean, clean, clean......and then call it good.

Friday, August 22, 2008

{rebel video}

i love these kids!

{rebel football}

Feeling of optimism for South Albany By Jesse Sowa
Albany Democrat-Herald
South Albany coach Tony Matta isn’t afraid to let his belief in his team be known.He sees the ability and expects his team to compete for a 5A football state playoff berth in the Mid-Willamette Conference.“Talent-wise, they’re a top four team, and now they just have to put in the work,” said Matta, in his first year as head coach after working as an assistant under Andy Lusco. “These guys, they aren’t shying away from the work.”Senior Michael VanDoren, whom Matta considers his leader of the defense at linebacker, says his coach’s confidence is an extra boost.“It makes us want to get it even more now,” he said.The Rebels have motivation from 2007 as well after finishing 5-5 overall and 3-4 in conference, one game out of the state playoffs. South lost three of its last four, all to playoff teams.Under Matta, the Rebels are transitioning away from a double-wing offense that included primarily running the ball to one that will feature more passing.Behind center will be junior Zac Hunter, a varsity reserve quarterback and starting defensive back last season.“He’s not inexperienced by any means, and he’s a good leader,” Matta said.One of Hunter’s primary targets will be senior Matt Savage, who was named the outstanding receiver at the Western Oregon camp in Monmouth earlier this summer.Added to the mix is senior Greg Hoover, a speedy wing and safety who missed most of last season with ankle and hamstring injuries. Hoover ran under 4.50 for 40 yards at the Western Oregon camp.“We’re going to be a lot more dangerous and unpredictable this year,” Hunter said. “We’re going to be throwing a lot of stuff at people we haven’t in the past few years.”Added Savage: “People are going to come out expecting the run, but we have a lot more.“Matta said seven-on-seven passing games this summer helped the transition.Players are steadily making progress.“We’ve got a ways to go, and it will be a work in progress early in the season,” Matta said.Matta is changing philosophy to allow players to start on both sides of the ball with hopes of raising the talent level on the field. Previously, South had 22 different starters, trying to keep players fresh.“We’ll get the best players out there,” Matta said. “Ultimately, if you’re the best kid on both sides of the ball, you’re going to play.“On defense, VanDoren disrupted offenses at the line of scrimmage last year. Matta is impressed by the senior’s work ethic.“He’s probably the hardest worker in the weight room,” Matta said of VanDoren, a two-time qualifier for the track and field state meet. “His intensity, he’s about intense as they come.”The Rebels have two other leaders in senior lineman Kyle Sprenkle and junior center TJ Chapman, Matta said.South opens the season Aug. 29 at home against Liberty. The Hillsboro school went 2-8 last year.But then the schedule gets significantly tougher, with a home game against Thurston of Springfield and a road game at Klamath Union in Klamath Falls. Both teams made the state playoffs last year.It’s been seven years since South made the state playoffs. Matta and the Rebels are confident this might just be the year.“We’re looking to do big things this year. We’re kind of out here to prove everyone wrong,” Hunter said. “No one really believes in us, but we believe in each other.”

Thursday, August 21, 2008

{so so bad}

"know when to stop."
that is what i have been saying to this girl since she was about 2. she doesn't have an off button. it starts out funny.....turns annoying......and then quickly becomes ridiculous.
i'm going to bed. so annoyed with this one tonight.

{my 2008 summer song}

{what a difference}

i was thinking of my girl this morning and how much she has changed in the last year.
the difference is amazing.
from a little girl to a little lady.
"you're gonna miss this"
madison just saw this post and is freaking out.
just to be perfectly clear to all readers of my blog. the picture on the right is NOW.....the picture on the left was THEN....when she wore brown dresses with jeans and didn't know how to use a flat iron......she would like everyone to be perfectly clear on that one.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

{i miss sunny}

here she is girls. the beautiful miss sunny haynes.
you can see more pictures of her at valerie's site.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


check one more thing off my summer to-do list today.
madison and zachary both registered for school.
volleyball tryouts continue tonight.
taylor is staying the night.....i'm sure photo sessions will be on the agenda.

Monday, August 18, 2008

{the children of agape}

this is what i watched on my day off today.

if you have hbo on demand you have to watch. truly inspiring.


cheer up, buttercup.

{volleyball tryouts}

5 p.m.

that is the time volleyball tryouts begin tonight. i have as many butterflies in my tummy for her as she does. all of the {mean girls} and their equally annoying and {mean moms} are here. moms front and center to cheer on their girls and make sure they make the "a" team and to criticize and question if other girls make it over theirs.

madison told me i could leave when i asked if she wanted me to stay. do your best. that's all you can do. still.....tryouts are hard. especially when you are 12.

good luck sweetie girl.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

{sunny and darrin are hitched}

just home from the wedding of the century. nine hours is a long time to be in a car.
the girls looked grown up and cute as can be.
i will write more later when i am a little more awake.
we videotaped the whole journey. a bunch of goof balls for sure. i will try and post the video later although i'm sure it will only be funny to the four of us in the car.
congrats mr. and mrs. haynes.
we love you.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

{school themed wedding}

leaving for sunny and darrin's wedding bright and early tomorrow. i found this site today with the cutest wedding theme i have ever seen. now one of my kids is going to have to marry a school sweetheart so they can use it for their wedding. always the event planner. so cute.
anyway....looking forward to a beautiful wedding and a memorable weekend with 3 of my favorite girls in the whole wide world.
this should be a weekend to remember.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

{oh, happy day}

  • anxious to get out of town with my best friend, my daughter and nicole.

  • excited that sunny is marrying her best friend in 3 days. can you believe it?

  • happy that hoop jam and the golf tournament are over.

  • happy that i don't have to deal with an annoying situation anymore because everything that needed to be said was said {on her part} and that is good enough for me. i'm done.

  • happy to know that i have amazing friends and co-workers who love me all the time with no strings attached.

  • happy to have a family i adore and to know my kids have grand parents who are healthy and love them so much.

  • happy that i don't have to be at work until 9:30.

  • happy that we are following a dream that has been a long time coming.

  • happy that it is a sunny today and we have air conditioning.

  • happy that i am sitting here in my fuzzy white bathrobe blogging.

  • happy that madison is staying the night with her best friend and a new friend from a different school.

  • happy that we get paid on thursday {well, really friday}.

  • happy that i don't have drama in my life. that is a big one. my life is pretty damn great.

  • happy to be working with jessie and max....they are such sweet friends and co-workers.

  • happy that amy will be working with us soon.

  • happy that our hummer will have a new bumper today.

  • happy that God has always looked out for me and my family.

  • it's funny that people read my find out about my life..... no need to call or e-mail when you can just stalk me. i'm sure you never though of that. but, i know. that's funny.

  • happy that zac can drive himself to weights in the morning.

  • happy that i got my hair colored last week.

done. i love my life.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

{hootchy clothes and mean girls}

Many thanks to guest poster Tracee Sioux for providing this thought-provoking essay:

If you are using words like hootchy, skank, slut, whore or any other sexually derogatory word to describe the clothing (whether inappropriate or not) of any girl you are an active participant in further sexualizing girls.
If you are teaching your daughter (or sons) to use sexually derogatory words to describe other girls’ clothing you are actively coaching her in mean girl behavior.
If you call a young girl’s outfit “skanky,” you’ve just taught your daughter that it’s okay to call another girl a “skank” if she doesn’t like her clothes. If you describe an outfit as “hootchy mama,” you’ve just taught your daughter that if she makes the slightest clothing error, it’s okay for others to call her a “hootchy mama.”
You’re basically making a judgment about whether a girl is sexually active or promiscuous by her clothing.
I’m hearing people say such things about 3-5 year olds. Think about it: are those words you really want to apply to children?
Children should be immune to our sexuality. When you apply sexually derogatory words to children, you sexualize them. You open them up to a sexual context that others can use against them.
If there is any group of people on the planet earth who should be entitled to wear less clothing it is children. Children should be immune to the sexual implications of all skin exposure.
There are some inappropriate clothing choices available to girls. We can tell our daughters why they shouldn’t wear such things without being sexually derogatory about their friends, classmates, neighbors, family or their own secret selves that also wish to wear that clothing.
“I don’t think that’s appropriate,” is generally sufficient explanation for why your daughter isn’t allowed to wear something.
Regardless of what a girl is wearing she is deserving of respect.
It is impossible to demand more respect for girls by being disrespectful to girls.

Monday, August 11, 2008

{hoop jam 2008}

another event under our belts.
one more to go {reverse raffle} until we have a break until december. can you say.....woo hoo!!

{hungry girl}

i've been a little gloomy lately.....on a happier note....this is kind of a fun site!

Friday, August 8, 2008


today i am so done.....
  • with not eating healthy.
  • with not exercising.
  • with fake friends who are flaky.
  • with the golf tournament (because it's over!)
  • with setting up for hoop jam.
  • with headaches all the time.
  • with always being the responsible one.
  • with people not keeping their word.
  • with my computer buzzing.
  • with having to get up at 5 am again.

that about sums it up.....

hoop jam is tomorrow. peace out, cub scout.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

{don't try this at home} poor bff. we just got back from a walk and she bit it off of a curb.

it's really not all that funny.....she has rocks and crap stuck in her hands.

that is a real pisser.

we had just watched a character on their new wii fall flat on their ass before we left and missy said just before we left, "watch....that will be me."

holy poo.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

{new quote}

"oh my gosh. curse this day."

{jackin' her post}

this post made me laugh so hard, that i just had to steal it and post it myself.

BFF. Buck up. Get a grip. Relax. Drink some vodka. Laugh at this picture. I am planning our trip so don't worry about anything. We are going to regroup and be fabulous again. We will do it. Never fear, pink pony is here...............

can't relax until monday....maybe. i don't drink, so that sucks. i am lauhing at the picture. i'm so happy you are planning our trip. i can't wait to be fabulous. i love the pink pony.

{fitting quote}

missy and i are famous for quotes.....
i thought this one was fitting for this morning.
"i am not a bitch unless i'm provoked."
and our newest quote that we picked up last night.....
".....she was full of trickery."
and then there was stunned silence.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

{come flea with me}

ready for fall.....i do believe.

and i think that this might most definitely be my dream job.

{shark warning}

oregon coast aquarium??
who knows.....madison sent this to me this afternoon.

{coastal cutie}

breaking news.....this just in.

madison just sent this picture from her jet boat ride with grammy on the pacific ocean.
she looks like she is about ready to jump out of a plane.
thanks madison.
i am on my way to go clean up maggie......she's still out in the garage. all i can smell is poo. i know i can't "really" smell it, but my brain is telling me that i can.
glad you are having fun. send more pics and i will update my blog every night. i love you.

{rocker girls}



"....and now I get the Madison tongue deal in her pictures: it must be genetically induced."

- grammy kathy

{i can tell it's going to be a day}

it's sunday.
i have a love/hate relationship with sunday.
i love it because we usually don't have too much going on and i hate it because the next day is monday and i know i have to go back to work.
this sunday my sidekick madison left at 7:45 a.m. (much too early to be getting up on a sunday) to go to newport with her grammy for marine biology camp all week. she has really been looking forward to it. i think she was worried for about 2 seconds about making friends and then was over that as quickly as the thought entered her mind.
at about 10:00 i called missy and we decided to go do something today. both of her kids are gone. my hubby is at work, my daughter is at the coast, and zac was still in bed. so, i told her to get in the shower, i would run and get a coffee and we would decide which movie to see.

{notice sweet dog in picture before you continue reading story}
so, my poor neglected dog, maggie, never gets to go much of anywhere with us in the car. so.....i decide to take her with me to starbucks this morning. on the way home from starbucks she decides to poop all over my car and then step in it and run from the front to the back of the car while i am freaking out, balancing a coffee, trying to shift, grabbing starbucks napkins out of the glovebox to catch poop as it falls out of her butt.
now i remember why we don't take her out much. i am still recovering. gross. with a capital g.

this is going to be a really long week for me at work. probably just as well that madison is away. she wouldn't be seeing much of her mama. i will give you the run down just to get it out of my head. my life is way too busy. after reverse raffle......i am learning to say no.

  • tuesday stuffing bags for hoop jam
  • wednesday loading everything up for hoop jam and the golf tourney
  • thursday take everything out to country club for golf tourney and then hair appt.
  • friday golf tournament 6 a.m., hoop jam registration 2pm - 8pm, figure out how to set everything up for hoop jam in the middle of all that.
  • saturday and sunday - hoop jam
  • friday leave for idaho to be in sunny's wedding
  • sunday drive back from wedding
  • monday take madison school clothes shopping
  • rest of week - get ready for reverse raffle
  • monday - reverse raffle
  • tuesday - nervous break down

Saturday, August 2, 2008

{aunt stephanie}

thanks for the pics aunt stephanie.....and the great visit. we love you guys!

{visit from the vegas hodson's}

had a great visit with the hodson's from vegas this week.

here are 3 of our 4 boys walking to the track at south albany. where is uncle grant?

uncle grant stretching before the big {show down} race with madison.

madison, uncle grant, and zachary.

uncle grant and zac playing catch on the football field at south.

Friday, August 1, 2008


attention missy. attention missy.
i miss bb9 and she-bot. she was a hot mess, but very entertaining.

{20th class reunion}

so, here's the funny thing. my boss {ryan graves} called me into his office the other day and showed me these lovely pictures that were posted on ""......very disturbing, yet funny!

they are a little grainy, but you get the picture. big bangs, big earrings, fake tan, and lots of blue eyeliner. it was 1988 don't ya know.
and mom.....don't freak out.....the picture above was me at a huge party at debbie albright's house while her parents were gone. it was for kris swartzendruber's 18th birthday and we went to the adult store and hired a stripper { and i still remember his was "aries the rammer"} and he came to the party....and he was sweaty....and really gross....and all of the guys chased him off and threatened to beat him up.
a confession. 20 years later. i'm laughing as i write the way.

this was my senior year. i went to the valentine's dance with rob carpenter. he had a mullet and lived in sweet home. holy crap. anyway....i love the way the top of my dress looks like a disco ball and my hair is teased and permed to within an inch of it's life.......

funny class reunion is tonight. everyone is partying at riley's....i'm here in my jammies blogging. oh, how things have changed in 20 years.