Sunday, August 24, 2008


sometimes just random picures show up in my inbox on comcast.
seriously....this picture from our board retreat just popped up. the board retreat was clear back in july. how random is that?
anyway.....this is miss janie bacio. the greatest receptionist i know.....but, don't cross her. she will kick your ass! i'm kind of scared. i most definitely, without a doubt will call her the next time i need to throw down at the bar.....because as you all know, i frequent the bar all of the time. like every other day. it's kind of how i roll.
but, seriously.....she is the friend i have at work that if i am having a bad day i can't even look at her or i will burst into tears. she knows this about me. i can just give her the look, walk out the door, and tell her all about it the next day. she gets it. i love that about you janie!
thanks for being a good friend and an amazing mommy to your kids!
{quit favoring them, though......sheesh!}

1 comment:

Missy said...

I love this girl. She is one of my ghetto friends...........:)