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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


if you were date sucked and i still love you.

{beautiful disaster}

She loves her momma's lemonade
Hates the sounds that goodbyes make
She prays one day she'll find someone to need her
She swears that there's no difference between the lies and compliments
It's all the same if everybody leaves her

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Part One - Describe:
Your hair? short, pretty dang short, but growing it out.....brown, with highlights.......of gray :)
Your favorite food? Pizza, good pizza, not cheap thin cardboardy pizza.
Your dream last night? Same thing I have been dreaming about every single night!!
Your favorite drink? diet pepsi...or kind of liking the 7 up and grape vodka aka the jolly rancher
Your dream/goal? stay at home mommy
The room are you in? office
Your hobby?? reading
Your fear? Making the wrong decisions
Your TV? on the wall
Your Pets? Maggie :)
Your life? insane right now
Your mood? actually pretty happy right now
If you're missing someone? Yes I am!
Your best friends? only one that matters

Part Two - The Where's?
Where do you want to be in 6 years? with the love of my life
Where were you last night? Home
Where did you grow up? Born in Eugene, but grew up in Albany
One place that I go to over and over? Starbucks
Your favorite place to eat out? Red Robin
Wish list items? Big blingy engagement ring
Last time you laughed? Today at Mr. Currey
Last time you cried? I can't remember

Part Three - The What's?
Something that you aren't? I am not fake
Last thing you did? Burrito Tuesday with Missy
What are you wearing?Jean capris, turquoise and green mock turtleneck and black cardigan
Something you're not wearing? a wedding ring
Your favorite store? Banana Republic and Target

Saturday, August 21, 2010

{there's our boy}


completely random that i am forty and have had this song cranked up at my house all day!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

{pacific university boxers}

there's my jt

and madison's ian

dropped zachary off on saturday for college/football at pacific university.

we had a great time all week with his roommate jt.
loved him...and he called me mom all week which i double love.

we packed tons of rubbermaid tubs up 3 flights of stairs in 95 degree heat.

the guys checking out the turf on the football field.
i actually have pictures of them rolling on it and smelling it.
boys are weird.


back from vegas last night with my girl.
we had a great time and it was a good week {since it was the worst week} to get away.
for both of us.
i pretty much think that maddie thought the entire trip was an expensive photo shoot because that's what she wanted to spend most of her time doing....taking a gazillion photos.
with fake elvis.

with real elvis?

ii wish i would have remembered about "dick's last resort"
i have wanted to eat there for along time, but when we ran across it we had just
finished dinner.

we walked into excalibur and some creeper gave madison mardi gras beads. she's 14. she's not flashing her boobs for you, but thanks for the beads anyway.

it was super hot...and madison is not a real hot weather girl.
it was making her feel sick, so we only got to spend a couple of hours by the pool every morning and then went back inside the casinos, so basically i am as white as i was when we left.

but, she is nothing but entertaining. she had everyone we talked to cracking up.
if you know her....i'm sure you can just here her talking in her man voice and calling everyone by their first name. there are a million name tags in vegas that say what city they are from too, so that was very helpful for her...omg.

madison and mommy on the strip

and there she is taking a million pictures of us in the bathroom before we went out.
i am not exagerating when i say a million. it was ridiculous.

and i'm really not that short....she just had her kick ass cowboy boots on that made me look like a total shorty!

my favorite of both days was laying by the lazy river and reading my book.

ka was unbelievable and if you are ever in vegas, you have to have to go.
and how annoying is this?
that is my swimsuit....that i wore 2 years ago. trust me. it looks a zillion times better on her, but come on now! back to the track tonight for me. divorce = getting healthy. the path to divorce = not being able to fit in before mentioned red bikini anymore.

house of blues
had a great time. was ready to come home and start over.

Friday, August 13, 2010

{excuse me....} i need you?

Monday, August 9, 2010

{my baby...}

is leaving for college this week.

{i'd be lying through my teeth.....}

......if i told you that i'm ok.

{thanks for all of your help}

thanks for all of your help this weekend maddie!
and for helping me deliver all of the meals to helping hands.
i love you.

{hoop jam heats up}

Thirty-five more teams turned out this year for Saturday's three-on-three Hoop Jam basketball tournament, bringing the total to a record 185 teams.

"We expect this to just continue to grow," said Ryan Graves, executive director of the Boys & Girls Club of Albany, which took over the annual fundraiser in 2007. All tournament proceeds help fund programs at the club.

Boys and girls from all over the Willamette Valley competed in six age brackets through most of Saturday at the North Albany Village shopping center. Championship games are expected to wrap up about 2 p.m. today.

Hoop Jam takes a small army of volunteers, from referees to scorekeepers to waterboys. Close to 300 were on hand for Saturday's games alone.

"This gives a lot of high school kids he opportunity to volunteer," Graves said.

Friday, August 6, 2010

{hoop jam weekend}

i'm completely exhausted and it is only friday....
the whole family will be helping out
john, madison, zac and me!
ex-husbands are very helpful :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


i am clearly bored as hell. will you please hurry up and get done with your camping trip?

this totally reminds me of john....dying.

{boxer football}

With Pacific’s first home game in the non-conference opener against Claremont-Mudd-Scripps kicking off at 1:30 pm on Saturday, September 18 in Lincoln Park Stadium, the Boxers face a tough lineup this season in the Northwest Conference with opponents such as Linfield, Willamette, Lewis & Clark, and the San Francisco Bay Area’s Menlo College.

As a former member of UC Davis and Stanford coaching staffs, new head coach Keith Buckley is at the hub of the Boxers’ revitalized football program. Several factors played a role in the return of football to this Division III University, including an enrollment initiative.

“The goal for this first year was to attract 57 new additional students,” according to director of athletics, Ken Schumann. “Recruiters have been blown away with the 120 commitments we’ve received making this year’s freshman classes one of the largest we’ve ever seen.”

Not only has the return of football impacted enrollment numbers, but sports information director, Blake Timm, says ticket sales for the 500 reserved seats are nearly sold out for the season. With added temporary seating at Lincoln Park Stadium, game days will see upwards of 2,000 fans in the grandstands.

To promote a game-day atmosphere, the Forest Grove Chamber of Commerce is working closely with the university to transform the City of Forest Grove’s College Way into a tailgater party paradise with a street festival starting at 10:00 am before each Saturday afternoon home game.
This enchanting--yet quirky--town, located just forty-five minutes from downtown Portland, has plenty to offer football fans in the way of shopping, dining, and wine-tasting in the Northern Willamette Valley.

Recently named one of Budget Travel’s eight “perfect summer lake towns,” Forest Grove is situated only nine miles from the 1,100-acre Henry Hagg Lake, where Boxer alums, students, and visiting families can enjoy a day of boating, fishing, biking, or hiking … decked out in their red, black, and white, of course!

For more ticket information and the 2010-2011 game schedule, visit GO BOXERS!

{barn house boys}

2nd annual flea market road trip with my mom this last weekend.
we took a trip to washington to go see barn house boys.
loved it.
i left wanting to be a hippy and wear jeans with dresses and white skirts with cowboy boots and denim jackets and eyelet tank tops....every. single. day.

i spent the majority of the time taking pictures of things i want to create.
i'm kind of sneaky like that.

there were so many cute things to buy. i ended up buying a white skirt for me and an absolutely darling white dress for madison....if i was skinny minnie like her, it would SO be mine!

the barn house display was my absolute favorite. such a cute set up.
i might want pigmy goats and lots and lots of hay.
we ended the day with red velvet cupcakes {which by the way, was the first cupcake my mom had had in 6 months....what the heck?} she looks fabulous and skinny and i felt guilty eating in front of her all weekend.
thanks for the fabulous weekend mom. i love you.

{miss you}

your mama and your maggie miss you!
hope you are having fun at the coast.
see you wednesday night.

Monday, August 2, 2010

{my favorite hoop jam team}

my very favorite hoop jam team name this year....
i heart maddy.
my maddy. {smile}