Tuesday, August 3, 2010

{barn house boys}

2nd annual flea market road trip with my mom this last weekend.
we took a trip to washington to go see barn house boys.
loved it.
i left wanting to be a hippy and wear jeans with dresses and white skirts with cowboy boots and denim jackets and eyelet tank tops....every. single. day.

i spent the majority of the time taking pictures of things i want to create.
i'm kind of sneaky like that.

there were so many cute things to buy. i ended up buying a white skirt for me and an absolutely darling white dress for madison....if i was skinny minnie like her, it would SO be mine!

the barn house display was my absolute favorite. such a cute set up.
i might want pigmy goats and lots and lots of hay.
we ended the day with red velvet cupcakes {which by the way, was the first cupcake my mom had had in 6 months....what the heck?} she looks fabulous and skinny and i felt guilty eating in front of her all weekend.
thanks for the fabulous weekend mom. i love you.

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