Thursday, August 19, 2010


back from vegas last night with my girl.
we had a great time and it was a good week {since it was the worst week} to get away.
for both of us.
i pretty much think that maddie thought the entire trip was an expensive photo shoot because that's what she wanted to spend most of her time doing....taking a gazillion photos.
with fake elvis.

with real elvis?

ii wish i would have remembered about "dick's last resort"
i have wanted to eat there for along time, but when we ran across it we had just
finished dinner.

we walked into excalibur and some creeper gave madison mardi gras beads. she's 14. she's not flashing her boobs for you, but thanks for the beads anyway.

it was super hot...and madison is not a real hot weather girl.
it was making her feel sick, so we only got to spend a couple of hours by the pool every morning and then went back inside the casinos, so basically i am as white as i was when we left.

but, she is nothing but entertaining. she had everyone we talked to cracking up.
if you know her....i'm sure you can just here her talking in her man voice and calling everyone by their first name. there are a million name tags in vegas that say what city they are from too, so that was very helpful for her...omg.

madison and mommy on the strip

and there she is taking a million pictures of us in the bathroom before we went out.
i am not exagerating when i say a million. it was ridiculous.

and i'm really not that short....she just had her kick ass cowboy boots on that made me look like a total shorty!

my favorite of both days was laying by the lazy river and reading my book.

ka was unbelievable and if you are ever in vegas, you have to have to go.
and how annoying is this?
that is my swimsuit....that i wore 2 years ago. trust me. it looks a zillion times better on her, but come on now! back to the track tonight for me. divorce = getting healthy. the path to divorce = not being able to fit in before mentioned red bikini anymore.

house of blues
had a great time. was ready to come home and start over.

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