Monday, March 24, 2008

{can i get a loan please}

here's the run down of my day off....
a) run all over albany and corvallis looking at every used car lot in town
b) drive through every neighborhood known to man in this town looking for used cars
c) come home and decide the tracker's not half bad
d) dad details tracker and takes 15 year old son for lesson #2
e) while boys are practicing in the parking lot of the high gets a phone call from dad's secretary asking if we would want to buy their 1989 firebird?
f) what boy in his right mind wouldn't want this?
g) and only $1,500 and only 70,000 miles.
h) the boys are on their way to scio to check it out.
my car insurance doubles in a week.
i'm taking donations.

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