Friday, December 26, 2008

{day after christmas}

double chin alert....thought i would include this lovely picture of my double chin to encourage me to get off the {fat ass train} and get on the smokin' hot mama train in 2009.
john's waffle iron = $30 {thrilled to death}
stupid snake = $220 {no reaction - confusion - sadness}
no good deed........:)
presents galore.........

missy.....madison will love this picture just as much as nicole will love hers....i had to add it

i have a hilarious story about this shirt.
we opened presents from my brother at my mom and dad's house. when it came time for my mom to open her present she opened a box from them and it had 50 one dollar bills was from my brother. john asked if they had included chip and dale tickets to go along with the ones! my 90 year old grandpa was was hysterical. and then there was a note about this tank top and it was a size small. we were laughing so hard we were crying about why in the world grant would send my mom a size small tank.
turns out she accidentally opened madison's present. it was really funny. maybe you had to be there.


Miss Anne said...

lol love the pics!

did he get a REAL snake???

as in.. one IN your home???


(isn't jessie's news just fab!?)

p.s. you are so NOT fat!

Kambria said...

yes....real in hiss, will be going to the elementary school. stay in my house? are you kidding me?

Missy said...

I love chin-chin.
I want to see your mom in the tank. In the front row. Of the chip and dale show.