Tuesday, December 23, 2008

{december 22}

started out the day getting ready for megan to come over for dinner, games, and then we were going to decorate cookies. her plans changed and she wasn't able to come over.....so, we decided to carry on!

later that night rascone came over and john told me he had a surprise for me later. i kind of forgot about it, but about an hour later our friend zach {one of zachary's coaches} showed up with their new baby ezra that they adopted from ethiopia. i was in heaven. taylor, madison, and i played with him for about an hour and then all of us decided to go out to dinner at applebee's. coach zach even came. we had a great time. my zac was laughing and joking the whole time.

then we came home and played pass the pigs. rascone decided to stay and be zac's date since megan couldn't come over. i haven't laughed that hard in years. the girls went upstairs to text {of course} and i played with the boys. it was the best.

the boys would get creative on how to "roll the pigs." they had them jumping off their hats, rolling them under their legs, bouncing them.....you name it. we were laughing so hard. i die.

later we decorated christmas cookies. i thought the girls would be all over that, but it was the boys who were totally into it. i will post pictures later.

now i'm getting ready for burrito tuesday with my bff.

so happy.

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Missy said...

That is one of the cutest pictures of your son I have ever seen. Love it. So happy. It makes me smile :)