Saturday, December 20, 2008

{things that make me go hmmmm?}

  • why do women hang out at bars with married guys?
  • why do people have pumpkins on their front porch and christmas lights on their house?
  • why is it snowing over a foot in portland and only raining in albany?
  • why have i only eaten swedish fish and chocolate pop tarts today?
  • why does john have a nice car and i drive a tracker?
  • why aren't we decorating christmas cookies tonight?
  • why do people pretend like their lives are perfect when we all know they aren't?

that's my vent for the day. i feel better.


Missy said...

*women hang out at bars with married men because they are insecure (and bitches!)
*pumpkins and christmas lights... either too busy or just ghetto
*snowing in portland. Not fair. But we are safe.
*Swedish fish and poptarts? NEVER OK. I want to bring you soup and a diet pepsi and ring your doorbell and run
*Don't get me started on the car thing
*you are not decorating cookies because no one besides you organzied it
*people pretend to be perfect because the are insecure and refer to 1st comment, they are bitches.
Hope you took a shower.
Love ya. Call me if you want me to bring you anything. :) I'm glad you are not dead in your bed!! (are we annoying???????)
I am sure I got at least one chuckle out of you :)

Miss Anne said...

sweet vent.

i'm jealous of the choc.poptarts.

p.s. i know i want snow... start dancin mama!


Susanne P. said...

pumpkins and lights? i know!
swedish fish????
us missing the snow? figures!