Sunday, June 15, 2008

{happy father's day}

coach lusco's back will be harsh i'm sure.
in an effort to once again prove that we have a son, i had to swipe pictures of zac off of his friend's myspace pages. hopefully i will be able to snap some of my own this summer.
had a great day yesterday with madison, sunny, missy, and nicole. we all went to farmer's market in corvallis. i bought flowers {with the most beautiful peonies i have ever seen}, lettuce, onions, and bread from great harvest. 2 loaves! so yum.
took the girls to the used book store and let them pick out books. nicole and madison laid out in the back yard and read in their bikini's for about 2 hours.
cleaned all of the ouside windows across the back of the house, walked 3 miles last night, and am now getting ready to finish up with father's day stuff.
madison is laying in my bed reading a book....stuffed up as heck! are allergies killing anyone else out there. she is miserable. with a capital mis.
happy father's day. i will get back in blog mode soon....promise.

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