Thursday, March 12, 2009

{this is so blog worthy}

there are times in my life that my son just frustrates the heck out of me. he doesn't have time to talk, he doesn't have time to listen, blah, blah, blah......but, there are other times when i ask myself, "how did we get so lucky?"

zac came home from baseball practice tonight and asked me if i could bake him 2 dozen cookies. fair enough. he doesn't ask me to do stuff like that very often, so i figure there has to be a catch. and of course, there was. he and five other friends were going to go camping {just like last summer} in jonathan's backyard. these names will only mean something to those of you who know these boys, but the crew will include {zac, jonathan, heckman, kyler, lane, and brycen stutzman} the nicest boys on earth.
he also asked me for 5 bucks. not to buy beer {like a lot of kids his age would do}, but to go and buy the giant sized "arizona iced teas" in different flavors for everyone.

how did i get so lucky. hopefully they won't all freeze tonight as i'm sure the temperature will dip below freezing. i'm sure they will keep warm with a bon fire and conversation that would make all mom's blush.

i'm really proud of that kid!

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