Sunday, March 8, 2009

{happy 14th birthday collie}

hard to believe our little girl is 14.
happy birthday collie.
i love you.
i was just looking back at my previous blog posts from over the past year. especially the time leading up to last year's auction. it was a particularly frustrating time for me at work.....working with a very spiteful, mean, and horrible co-worker. let's call it like it is....she was awful to work with....ask just about anybody that had to. she quit without notice. like a coward. it was actually a couple of days before the auction and i had been particularly nice and bending over backwards to help her with things both for work and personally all week. and then she basically came in, cleaned out her office, and was gone. it was really disrespectful to her boss and to the organization that she worked for. but, in the was so good.
i am so happy that that is no longer the situation. it is like a breath of fresh air to have amy in my life now. a true friend. a great co-worker. and a genuinely nice person. what a difference a year makes. it should be a great auction.

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Missy said...

Yes, hard to believe she is 14. sigh.
And good riddance to your old co-worker. She was a hag. Gummy-bear-freak. Glad that's over.