Sunday, March 29, 2009

{my crazy week}

league baseball starts this week. zac's first series is against crescent valley.

first game is on tuesday, second game is on wednesday {his 17th birthday}.....and of course, the night that we need to set up tables for the auction and have our basket party. i don't know how i am fitting it in to be honest, but somehow need to fit in a game in corvallis, set up tables, supervise baskets {which i'm hoping connie harpole will just take over}, and actually celebrate zac's birthday. suggesions? lol!!

drove to walmart this morning to finish buying baskets, some candy, and easter grass for baskets at the Club. i got such cute stuff. i'm hoping everyone likes it.....and if they don't, i'm o.k. with that.

john, madison and taylor all went to the coast friday night. the girls got to see some friends that live there, so that was fun. john was a great dad and let the entire day be all about the girls. took them to the hatfield marine center, let them hang out with the boys while he sat in a coffee shop down by the wharf, took them to mo's, pizza, and the beach.

today madison and taylor are in portland with taylor's big sister holly looking for prom dresses.
i'm looking forward to this week being over. it's going to be a long one. jessie and i keep thinking we are forgetting something, but so far neither of us can think of what it might be.
hoping the auction is a success. it's kind of out of our hands at this point.


Missy said...

It will all work out! It always does. That doesn't make it any less stressful this week.
What can I do to help? I can't belive Zac turns 17 this week. sigh. where did the time go?
Good job John. what a great daddy:)
Hang in there friend. Call me if I can lighten your load. (you better have burrito tuesday worked into your chaotic schedule)

Susanne P. said...

what a gorgeous photo.