Wednesday, November 19, 2008

{oh, and by the way}

cleaning out my office today and had to take a note down from my bulletin board.
finnley. greyson.
two names i love.....o.k., now i can throw the scratch piece of paper away.
oh, and by the way.....
picked up my certified copy of my marriage certificate today. something that was holding me back from moving forward.
not anymore.


Jessie said...

go for it. :)

Susanne P. said...

what's up?? why are you cleaning out your office? are you getting a bigger one?

i like the name finnley. very original. there are so many common names right now. it would be perfect. i think it would work for a girl as well.

do you need the marriage cert for the adoption papers?

Kambria said...

yes. the certificate is just one more piece to the paperwork that i have yet to turn annoying piece that you have to get out of the car, stand in line, and pay a fee for. you know how that goes.

i love the name too.

i wish i was getting a bigger office! i am sharing mine right now and it is pretty tight. i was just cleaning up before my event. kind of like nesting before you have a baby!

Miss Anne said...

1. odd... i cleaned my office today too!

2. LOVE the name finnley. my boss' son's name is Finn. he's so cute!

3. YAY! big yay for you pickin' up your marriage cert today!

x to the o!

emilyruth said...

my friend just named her little girl finley (it's angie harmon's daughter's name too) it's so cute i love it:)
& greyson...super cute & cool:)

i'm so excited for you...
any chance we could meet up?
email me, dear...
i need to see your face live & in person:)