Wednesday, November 19, 2008

{hot dog alert} is some background information about john.
he is an elementary school principal at 2 schools in town.
he never tells me anything about work.
he is dressing up like a hotdog at school next week.
kids will be throwing condiments on him at an assembly.
don't you think that is something you would tell your wife?
if for nothing else, so i can go and throw condiments at him too!!
missy told me {her son goes to one of his schools}......
we will be attending.....with ketchup bottles in hand.
can't wait.


Cardas Photography said...

Oh PLEASE tell me when and where. I will be there - camera in hand... lol

Miss Anne said...

go for the mustard!
go for the mustard!

:) ha!

what a good sport!

just be thankful he didnt agree to kiss a pig or shave his head!

Jessie said...

oh awesome!...just awesome!

Missy said...

ha ha. hotdog. we should put sour kraut on him. and corndog. ha ha.