Saturday, November 22, 2008


dropping the girls off to see {twilight} tonight......i wasn't invited. shocking.
the boys are watching the arizona/oregon state game. i think i am going to go and read my twilight book and sit by the fire.
can't wait for the Christmas season to start. went shopping with my mom today {hi, mom} and found some really cute stuff. plugged in my new cinnamon candle. it's beginning to smell a lot like the holidays.
you don't even know how tempting it is to put up one of my trees tomorrow.
who would know, right?

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Jessie said...

i am so wanting to see that movie. i am trying to wait for when its a little quieter in the good. i am going to go get the 3rd book now! :) Hope you had a nice day! :) Thanks for going to Jenny's shop, that was really nice...she sold a $195 pair of boots today!