Monday, January 17, 2011

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i had a really great weekend. for starters i went out on friday night with boise and saw the dilemma and then went out to dinner at los dos amigos. yummers. it was fun. we dressed up and everything. lol...

then we met megan and amy at favorite mistake and listened to them sing karaoke. so funny.

saturday was lazy and we just hung out at home....until about one million crazy crappy things happened to me. so, i did my usual. and went to my safe happy place which is my dark little bedroom. boise was having none of it and woke me up about 2 hours later. i came downstairs and had a brand new blender sitting on the counter, a big case of diet pepsi, and my favorite person in the whole wide world right now to snuggle with on the couch.

he made me margaritas, and tacos {all in a cute apron} and then we listened to music on the computer and watched t.v. together. it was really nice. and normal. and felt good.

yesterday miss madison came home. which can sometimes be a little sketch to get back in a groove. but, it felt like old times. we went out to lunch and then to the grocery store. she told me about boys and i told her about boys and we had a really good visit.

haley came over to stay the night and then i went over to boise's parents house to watch "undercover boss and desperate housewives".....i love that that just seems normal and perfect to me. came home and made the girls smoothies with my new blender. first batch was a disaster and second batch was better thanks to haley who actually knew what she was doing. madison thought they tasted better than orange julius which is great since that place costs $5 a pop!

waiting for boise to get here at noon to take me out for lunch. learning to let go of expectations and just go with the flow. it is making me happy. i don't always have to have a 5 year/10 year plan because in the mean time i am missing out on having fun today. which is a good lesson to learn for having madison home for the next four years. i feel like i always was saving for retirement and look where that got me? lol!! if i would have just enjoyed that money and invested it in vacations or time together things may have been different. live and learn and when i know better i will do better.

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