Sunday, April 12, 2009

{volleyball weekend at psu}

bright and early morning for us on saturday. met zoe sams at starbucks at 6 a.m. then it was off to portland state for a volleyball tournament.

the girls did great and made it into the championships.

after every tournament they just seem to get closer and closer. they are a great bunch of girls.
saturday market was right down the street from where we played, so john and i made a couple of trips down there between games and wandered around.

we stopped at fudruckers on the way home with zoe, jordan, and ali. we were home by around 9:30. it was a great day, but didn't really feel like a day off.

madison, ali, and hayley

john and i just took madison to see hannah montana for Easter this afternoon. it was a cute movie. we couldn't drag zac.....he took a nap instead.

looking forward to the week. i still have so much to do at work and have basically lost any assistance i may have had before {thanks to the great economy} have spent the last 16 hours at work doing input and working on thank yous. will probably be working on that for at least the next 2 days before i can jump into ladies night out.

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Miss Anne said...

i'm holdin' out for a gno with Ya'll!