Monday, April 13, 2009


i got the best easter present yesterday from my mom......over 1,000 pictures of my dad's side of the family. i am so excited to scan through every single one of them!

here's my dad in 1961.....i think i can see a little bit of zac.

here's my dad {middle}, his brother john {on the left}, and a cousin i think reading up in their grandma's barn in kansas.

this is my grandpa hodson riding around on his go cart that we used to ride all over their property. that's my aunt margerie's dog skipper riding along on the side.

me and my aunt margery knitting at my grandma's house. when i was little i wanted to "inherit" this green couch from my grandma. i think it is rotting in my aunt's barn somewhere.

when my cousins and i were little we used to have "plays" at my grandma's house at christmas. she would play the piano and we would sing and put on shows for all of our aunts and uncles.
such great memories. watch for more pictures to come.....i am going to be a little obsessed for awhile.


Susanne P. said...

when i first glanced at the pic of your dad i totally thought "oh yeah, looks just like i would have thought" and then i looked again and thought of zac.

isn't a big pile of old pictures the best?? have fun.

Jessie said...

love :)

Missy said...

cutest pictures ever!
BH was cute :) Yes, I see Zac in that pic.
You haven't changed one bit :)
How are you scanning these pics?