Monday, December 1, 2008


after seeing jessie's post about a giveaway....i decided to stop by joannes on my way home from work....not that i didn't work my butt off all day....and not that i won't be working till almost 9:00 the next 2 nights, til midnight on thursday, and all weekend too.....i still decided to stop.
......and try to semi-reproduce the pan from william sonoma {or somewhere like that}.....this pan and the frosting cost under $10.00 and i already had the cake mix.
yum-o. i made gingerbread men with little icing buttons and a loaf with frosting swirls.
it is almost all gone.
it's december 1 and i made my first christmas treat. i am, well let's just say it, damn good.


Miss Anne said...

u're so darn cute.

i've been hoping that this week will be a good week for you... productive, positive, and filled with accomplishment!

just wanted you to know you're on my mind.


Missy said...

IMPRESSED!!!!!!!! Yeah,you. Bring me one of those little cute men tomorrow to burrito tuesday!

emilyruth said...

so impressive!
i aspire to be you...