Sunday, November 30, 2008

{here we go....}

it's a start.....hard to believe this season is so short this year.....only 3 weeks until christmas.
celebration of trees is thursday night t 6:30 p.m.
tickets are $30 the door if you want to walk up, or call me ahead and i will get you on the list so you don't have to wait as long.
all my shopping is done with the exception of j's mom. i am leaving that one up to him. i have bought her one thing and i am leaving him with the job to find one more thing.
and to be perfectly honest.....i am out of money and energy.
i got everything wrapped except for a few bows on packages. i am taking 2 days off next week, so will make bows then.
i'm so happy i am done. looking forward to baking and having time to just browse the stores, go out to coffee with my hubby, and do a little holiday site seeing without the hassle of trying to shop.
my only last minute panic will be this week when i try and find something to wear for thursday night. i may just end up wearing a holiday sweater. ha. ha.


Jessie said...

Your house looks so fabulous and festive! :) We got our tree today. It was so fun...we rode around on the 4-wheeler (with the chainsaw in the back) and found one on the property. It needs some help, since it's not a farm tree...but I love that we had so much fun! :)
p.s....amazing job getting all your shopping done! I haven't even started!!! Ahh!

Susanne P. said...

check out those pics of wee zack and maddy. so sweet.

i have that red can that says 'believe' on it. pam gave it to me.

your house looks amazing.

Missy said...

Your house looks like a store. LOVE. Of course you have your shopping done and gifts wrapped. You are known for being that organized. It inspired me to get some wrapping done. My house doesn't look even close to yours, but it will have to work. LOVE the red lampshades on your lights.Everything looks amazing. I am coming over to enjoy it. :)

Susanne P. said...

hey betty crocker,

where did you find the teal colored scale? i have been looking for a scale forever.

i remember the days when you NEVER cooked and now you cook/bake more than me!

emilyruth said...

you are amazing & crazy, lady!
i can't believe you are done shopping!
it's such a good idea so that you can just enjoy the season...

your house looks so cute:)