Thursday, November 27, 2008


for the last several years my thanksgiving tradition has gone something like this......
  • sleep in {just a little}
  • john brings me the ads from the paper and i map out my route
  • lay in bed and watch {listen} to the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
  • go over to mom and dad's house for dinner around 2:00

so far i have broke all traditions.

  • slept in until almost 10:45
  • went downstairs to read the ads
  • haven't even turned the t.v. on yet this morning

now i'm patiently waiting my turn for the shower. number 4 in line......i'm next. zac already went on a run this morning with megan at 7:00 a.m. we are dog sitting for their dog {zac and megan's} foxxie tonight. pray for no peeing on the carpet.

going to mom's shortly, eating at 2:00, visiting with family, and then coming home to decorate for christmas. that makes me really excited and happy.

then i'm going to sit by the christmas tree, watch my dvr, and map out my plan of attack tomorrow.

anyway......just wanted to drop in and tell everyone happy thanksgiving {the half dozen of you that read this}.....

and thanks anne for paying it forward. i'm so excited to do the same when i get to work on monday.


Jessie said...

Kambria! I wish you the happiest thanksgiving and have tons of fun with your Christmas decorations. I am going to get my "tree spot" ready to go today :)

Missy said...

sounds like we both broke "traditions" this year. so happy you are decorating. I can't wait to come see it. you need to motivate me to get excited about christmas. decorating. shopping.
have a great day.

Susanne P. said...

i am like jessie, i am going to get me tree 'spot' ready but not get my tree until i get back from CA. i hopefully will get the rest of the decorating done before that.