Friday, November 28, 2008

{black friday.....}

obviously i can't post much about what i purchased today {i have visitors to this site},
but let me just say.......the economy most definitely cleared out the stores in albany.
pulled into target at 8:00 {with j} expecting the worst and found a parking spot right up front. o.k......that was kind of lucky. the store has got to be packed. over to the section we were hoping beyond hope to find what we were looking for. scored everything. are you kidding me? 2 hours late for the opening of the store? walked up to the check stand to stand in a mile long line. nothing. not one person in front of us. score again.
drove over to starbucks. no line. no wait.......
over to get gas. no line. no wait......
then proceeded to eugene {valley river}.....first in line at a favorite store. no crowds. first one's in line at 11:00 a.m. for lunch at chilis. it was so calm. it was weird. john had 2 beers.....i know.....11:00 a.m., but it made for a great shopping companion.
came home and just wrapped everything.
didn't get around to decorating the house yesterday, but i think i will do it tomorrow. i got so much accomplished today. only about 5 more things to buy. i will finish it all this weekend.....before december 1.
don't hate. my life will be hell this week with my event if it makes you feel better.
peace out.


Susanne P. said...

that's right! the tree thingy at the club. what days are that? i wanted to go but i will probably miss it due to my trip. ..sad face..

Missy said...

no haters here. just envious. good job. I know how stressed out next week is going to be for you. I am here for you. whatever you need. I'm on it.

Miss Anne said...

I would be up for attending said auction... what days again?? Missy wanna go together??