Tuesday, November 11, 2008


the pug i posted the other day really is part of my family.
and....she really is kind of famous in vegas.
she normally wins the longest tongue contest at the annual pug-o-rama.
this year she got taken down but some other pug. dumb dog.

susanne......you can check out the story here....you should take your dogs next year.
.....and i wrapped 8 presents tonight.
still feeling funky.....waiting for that feeling to pass.
can't really take a break because i have an event in 3 weeks.....i think taking off about 3 months would help. have felt sick most of the day and hope i'm not getting the flu. i have 2 huge meetings this week.


Miss Anne said...

that pug tongue cracks me up!

i'm jealous of your wrappin' skills, and i'm not talkin' tone loc!

i'm sorry you are funkdafied. I'll be sending you another email tomorrow that will hopefully brighten your day.

am thinkin' of you little lady.

chin up, there's alot of good in the world.


Susanne P. said...

my pugs have tongues that stay in their mouths!! lol i remember you telling me a few years ago about how she was usually the winner and i couldn't believe there was such a thing as a pug-o-rama.

AND....i know you have probs with your thyr. have you had it checked? i remember you not being really great about refilling you prescrips and stuff. maybe that is why you have been feeling funky.