Monday, November 10, 2008

{it's a beautiful day}

i'm so excited. the jon & kate plus 8 wedding is tonight.

have you seen the new commercial on tlc? love. double love. this is the real band. the whole version and below is the grainy little youtube version....i want a video with my beautiful family. i'm getting more and more un-gloomy just listening to the song.


Jessie said...

ok...I need an entire cd of this style of music...i love. maybe there needs to be some additions to the dance playlist :)

Miss Anne said...

Lemme see you S*m*i*l*e!

p.s. your post inspired mine! :)

Susanne P. said...

what an uplifting song. one of those songs that you break out when spring hits and you are opening the windows in the house for the first time an letting the winter air blow out.

Miss Anne said...

LOVE this song! :)