Saturday, November 1, 2008

{lil devil}

remember when your kids were little and you would take like a kazillion pictures of them?
sitting by the pumpkin, sitting by their candy all spread out on the floor, by the hay bale, etc?
this is what it has come down to. my daughter's 12 year old friend taking a blurry picture on a camera phone {with my dog's ass in the shot} while her mom and dad are at a football game.
oh well. at least i got a picture. she trick or treated {or, mostly ran around the hood} with some friends and came home in one piece, so that will have to be good enough for me this year.
bah humbug.
i am in a horrible mood today. i feel fat and nothing fits and just about everyone is annoying me.
people need to get a clue..........or i am going to freak out!

* see what a little editing can do?


Susanne P. said...

i can't annoy you, i am over here. and i love you. hugs!

Jessie said...

I hope your day starts to get better. I am in a horrible mood to and do not feel like going to this Halloween party tonight. I just want to be alone...which I am right now, so I should be happy right??

MADISON LOOKS SO GREAT!!! I love it! She rocks!

Cardas Photography said...

Ummm - that is a SUPER cute costume! I want it for next year! :)

Kambria said...

i'm all over it....i'll trade you a tutu for a good picture of my daughter! :)

Miss Anne said...



trendy/cute/warm/etc :)

Missy said...

Love our little devil. I checked on her Friday night to make sure everything was cool. She was cool. BEST COSTUME EVER. way to go mom.