Saturday, November 1, 2008


at lunch the other day with the girls we asked this question.......
does anyone even read our blogs besides us? lol!!
seriously, i think we are the only ones.
i think i need a giveaway.
leave me a comment and tell me what YOUR favorite blog is and why.....
i will draw a name at random on tuesday, november 4th and send you a treat to get you inspired for the holidays.
it's a surprise.
i guarantee it will only be my 5 blog friends who will post, so your chances are pretty good.
throw me a bone people!


Cardas Photography said...

OOh oOOh me me!! I read your blog every time you post :) I read like 100 blogs - I like mine of course... ;) But I also love

I am not planning a wedding - but it has lots of good ideas that can be used for other things too!

Keep bloggin' neighbor!


Miss Anne said...

Um hi, pick me.

:) reasons you should:

1. I'm your newest favorite friend.
2. I think you are the tutu queen.
3. I am a member of your "sorority".
4. I think you're lovely.

p.s. my current fav blog is the "whatever" blog you shared earlier in the week! :)


Miss Anne said...

p.s. I'm putting your giveaway on my list on my blog! (Consider me your new agent)


Torikay said...

My favorite in the world, or my favorite of your posts? Of yours, I love the one where you advise us couples who are on the fence about having another baby to "just do it". In the world, I like the Simple Mom.

Miss Anne said...

um. love love LOVE the new blog layout!

p.s. how's life? e-me manana!

x to the o

Missy said...

I am your #5 friend to post. I win!! Good idea for a giveaway. I only have 3 people who read my blog. I will throw you a bone alright. I know I won't win, because that would cause some suspicion.
Of course my fav blog is YOURS!! (now do I win??) I will throw you a big pink bone!!! ha ha
Love your new layout. Reminds me we shouldn't be such losers and should scrapbook.

Jessie said...

I am the slowest blogger on earth lately!! My favorite blog, hmmmm...I guess I will say the Farm Chicks...I am addicted to it lately. I have so many favorites for different reasons!! I get most excited when I see the gals I know have a new post though :) I miss you today! I forgot you would be gone!!
p.s. love the new layout too!