Friday, October 24, 2008


Six Things I Value:
1. My Faith
2. My Family
3. My Friends
4. My Health {when it's good}
5. Random Acts of Kindness
6. Down to earth, kind people

Six Things I Don't:
1. Rude People
2. Poverty {there is no need for it in this Country}
3. A cluttered house
4. Gossipers
5. Kids who are mean to my kids
6. Money


Miss Anne said...

i'm excited to be a part of your #3 on your value list! :)

Sunday isn't too far away! :) woot!

Susanne P. said...

i agree with the gossipers and rude people. they suck.

{Mrs.J.Bacio} said...

[Amen to number 5. Seriously if parents would teach kids not to be mean I think we would have less of it!!]

Missy said...

ditto X 2.