Tuesday, October 28, 2008

{so much to say}

i have been a bad, bad blogger. i mean way bad....extra bad. totally sucky i might add.
{hey, that rhymes}.....
so, anyway....i'm making amends tonight and blogging and commenting like nuts.
i had the best time this weekend with some great women. jessie {my partner in crime at work}, susanne {my friend since i was 10}, missy {my partner in life....well, not really....not like that kind of partner, but i'm just sayin'}, and anne {the hottest chick in corvallis}. i met anne via my blog and we all met at american dream pizza. i know, i know.....you aren't supposed to meet strangers that you meet on line.....but come on! it was anne. and she was sweet. she made me laugh. and she comments on my silly little blog all the time. i had to meet her. and i was glad i did. i think we are going to be great friends.

so here's the thing....remember my post about adoption a couple of weeks ago? well, it was the topic of discussion at our luncheon. i was telling everyone that we had taken all of the grueling dhs classes and that i had very little paperwork left to do and i was waiting on john to do his stupid autobiography. everyone just said to do it for him. because i totally could. i could totally cheat and do it for him, but it's for our kid, so i thought that might be a little wrong. however, when i got home that night i told him i was going to. and the funny thing was.....he was kind of o.k. with it proving my point that he just didn't want to take the time to do it.

and then ironically that night while i was blog surfing adoption sites.....i came across this one and read it front top to bottom. are you kidding me right now? i die. so it made me think about something else we had talked about at our lunch. and that was the fact that you have to jump through so many hoops before you can actually lay eyes on the kids that are available for adoption.......so i went to this site........

and who did i lay my eyes on? but the cutest 4 and 6 year old i have ever seen in my life. evin and kevin {hee hee}.....the oldest loves basketball, football, and dinosaurs {believe me.....in this family he scores big points for that!} and the little guy is a snuggler big time. you know i had to print the picture. so john could actually see them......and then it happened.

he started asking questions about them, read their bio, and when i came home from work tonight he was hand writing his entire autobiography. he is completely done! now i just have to type it for him. can i get an amen? thank you friends for the prayers and good vibes because i'm tellin' ya, it worked. after 10 years it may have worked.

and i want to send a shout out to my bff for making the most unique costumes for her kids for halloween. she made them all by herself. she is so crafty. i love that girl. what a great mama!
ahhhh......i feel better for blogging and catching everyone up with my life today.
peace out, cub scout.
now it's off to watch the great pumpkin.


Missy said...

yes you can have an AMEN!!!!!!!! or two or three!!! AMEN, AMEN,AMEN. yes I am shocked that's all it took to kick your hubby into gear. Those boys are beyond precious! Thanks for the kudos for the costumes. I know how much you enjoy blogging, so make sure your find time to do it at least every other day! I check it every day (like I don't know what you are up to anyways!) Burritos were yummy today!

Miss Anne said...

YOU are too sweet for words. YOU are the most popular/most prettiest tutu maker in Albany. :)

It was so nice meeting you.

I'm elated that your husband decided to do his bio and now it's "on a roll"... :)

I'll be saying lots of prayers for you and your family.

x to the o.


Susanne P. said...

AMEN!! so our 'put a pic in front of him' might have worked a little huh? sweet!! go john!

i can't believe we have known each other for that long. crazy. i still remember the braids and the rainbow suspenders. =)

Kambria said...

i'll have to try and dig that one out and post it for anne to see. mork from ork rules!

Amy said...

Oh you are so sweet! And yes, we will have to have that long distance 'cup of coffee'. :0) Oh and about your ages... we are 41 and 39. ;0) A good friend of mine once told me not to put limits on God... He can use us under any circumstances if we 'let Him':0) Amy

Sunny and Darrin said...

Just one step closer to making it a reality. I am glad the J got in gear and realized how great this would be for your family. Praying for you daily! Love you tons!