Monday, October 13, 2008

{just putting this out into the universe}

have you ever heard the saying that if you {just put it out into the universe} it will come to be?
so....that's what i am doing. putting it out there. i want another baby. two would be great; i would settle for one.

i don't think this comes as a big suprise to most people who know me, but i just kind of keep it to myself a lot unless asked. and i want to adopt. race, country, and any age under about 3 or 4 would be just lovely to me. i'm not too picky {well maybe a little bit picky}

john and i recently finished taking classes through dhs {department of human services} and i have all of my paper work done minus john's. he has been doing a little at a time and never quite seems to have time to finish it.

he came home from work on friday and told me that he is in love with a little kindergarten girl at one of his schools who was adopted from texas. he said if he could adopt her tomorrow he would do it.

there is hope. it is either a ploy to keep me from moving forward with dhs, or he is genuinely o.k. with spending a little bit of money.

for heaven sakes.....i've been driving around this friggin' tracker for 3 years now in an effort to save money. the money i would spend on a new car would be the cost of an adoption. brainer to me.

keep us in your prayers.

pictures are from here - "i die."


Jessie said...

oh Kambria! I hope and pray often that you are able to have an addition to your family. You are such a great mom to your kids and I know that there is a child out there that could use your family's love, and when the time is right for all of will happen.

Miss Anne said...

Keeping you and yours in my prayers the God brings you a child that will benefit from the love and support you guys have to offer.

What an amazing experience it will be! :) I look forward to watching/reading all about your journey.

and yes, the universe listens!


Sunny and Darrin said...

You know you are in my prayers, you are a great mom and you know I already said I let you raise my kids because you are so awesome! I know that it will happen for you...the only advice I can give you is just be will happen just not on your time but God's time! ;o) I know from experience (aka. my marriage!)

The Buoy Family said...

how exciting! a new hunter:) I hope everything goes your way and we have a new relative on the horizon! keep us updated.. this comment may post twice?? stupid computer

Missy said...

OMG.........."i die too". I want you and John to have a little one that needs a loving home to be part of your (our) lives :) So many kids need love and attention and to be raised in a safe, healthy, caring environment. They deserve to have you......
Oh, BFF. I have missed you. I have a plan. You adopt a baby, quit your job, I quit my job, we stay home and cook and clean and bake and go to the park and just be "stay at home mommies". Love ya.

Jessie said...

I like Missy's idea...I'll join in and pop a little Craigy-baby out :)

Susanne P. said...

i know that you have wanted to adopt for a long time. it will happen. i have faith.