Tuesday, October 7, 2008

{my time off...so far}

it never....i mean never.....fails. every time i take a day or two off i get sick. sunday night i was up with an upset stomach all night long. with a lot of lamaze breathing and tossing and turning i made it through the night without puking. believe me....if i had even caught sight of a toilet it would have been all over with.

caught a second wind around 11:00 and finished all of our laundry, made all of the beds, cleaned up the dreaded candy bar {which most definitely contributed to the stomach ache} and cleaned the kitchen.
watched a great documentary about darfur.....taylor came home with madison after school.....took them to volleyball practice.......john and i went on a walk.......picked her up from volleyball.....ate the best grilled cheese sandwich i have ever tasted in my whole life {maybe it was because i hadn't eated all day}.....took miss m. to watch the sa/wa volleyball game.
felt a lot better last night.

today i am going to lunch {it's burrito tuesday} with my bff.

looking forward to the rest of my day off....the presidential debates tonight.....and hoping it will start raining....it's looking a little gloomy. i wish this could be my day every day.


Miss Anne said...

Lucky duck with the day off!

let's do lunch/coffee soon!

Jessie said...

Kam! I miss you!!...but ya ain't missin' nothin' here :)

Jessie said...

You are so not on my "bad" list! It's people all the way across the country driving me nuts. :) See you tomorrow!