Saturday, October 4, 2008

{halloween candy bar}

i'm so sad....i did a whole dessert/candy bar for my guys while they were watching the duck game today and had madison come in to take pictures with her stupid phone....
{because my stupid camera hasn't worked in months}
it's horrible lighting....looks blurry.....but i hope you get the picture.
it is super cute......i did a sandwich bar in the other room where the big screen is.
too bad it's just guys and they don't realize how gosh dang cool i am.......


Miss Anne said...

ummm how sweet are you!?

definately win the "hostest with the MOSTEST" award for today!

:) love your buffet!

(next time invite the girls, THEY will appreciate it!)

:) happy day!

Kambria said...

amen time i will go with my original plan and do it for the girls at work....they will appreciate it more for sure!

Jessie said...

Yes...I like that original plan of the girls at work :) are looks wonderful!

Missy said...

We know how cool you are. Looks great. Wish I could see it a little better. You are the hostess with the mostess!