Monday, October 20, 2008


{you da pimp}
you need to have corndog burn me all the pictures from our idaho road trip. i have something up my sleeve and i need those cotton pickin' pictures.


Tranquility said...

Thanks for coming by.
We do - currently in North Bend (whew, that is close)!
I lived in Moses Lake for 8 years... left about ten years ago. Any chance your boss friend is anyone I'd know?

Kambria said...

hmmmmmm......he worked at the boys & girls club. ryan and karli graves?

Miss Anne said...

... well my dear, J and I are goin' friday night if you guys wanna go! it's SPIKE OUT CANCER night... :)

lemme know if you guys would like to join us :)

i "scored" them because I ROCK!

Missy said...

I am a little scared. There are lots of cleavage shots of us. Not that we did it on purpose, we just have huge knockers. (me and the girls.......tee heeeeeeeeee:) Remind me and I will make you a hot, burnt copy of the boobies. (man, i look skinny in this pic).

Miss Anne said...

Quit flirting!

See YOU hot ladies Sunday.

e-me for my digits...