Monday, October 20, 2008

{catching up}

hmmmm.....another crafty project for the holidays from the amazing, adorable, incredible, and darling miss emily ruth gulka.....she is the bomb. i would know. check out her blogs. she is downright amazing and i was lucky enough to work with her when i owned my store in eugene.

this is my new favorite's brand spankin' new.....check it out. there is the craftiest idea for bottle caps ever. i think this will make for a great project for my and jessie's craft-a-palooza for the holidays. you are invited....if you want to be. any takers?

we haven't even been to the pumpkin patch this year. first time ev-ah! i mean ever. so.....i am recyclying pictures of the kids at roloff farms from last year.

check out all of that mud.....definitely more mud than pumpkins.....although there are plenty of green pumpkins {check out the background}

my two favorite pumpkins.

taylor and miss madison.....just another slumber party.

and this sweet as pie award from miss anne for me and my bff, missy.
how sweet are you??

o.k.....i am just throwing this out to whoever reads this blog and wants to come. missy, anne, and i have been trying to make a date for about 2 weeks about this sunday....12:00.....american dream?

any takers. leave me a comment.

now i'm passing on the love. i am giving this award to my dear, sweet friend who i miss like the dickens......miss sunny duffy haynes.

we are cookin' up plans to come to the boise state game next year......sound like a plan?


Miss Anne said...

I do believe I could attend above said lunch plans. :)

Woot for you takin' charge and makin' em!


p.s. Keep in mind I DO have 4 season passes to all the ladies basketball, volleyball and gymnastic meets at OSU if you guys ever wanna go with me!


Miss Anne said...

p.s. I want IN on that craftathon. duh.

I'll bring my adhesive gun.

Tranquility said...

Wow - that is a great blog - thanks for sharing! (And) I love that calendar, so I had to check that one out to.

Your kids look like they are making the best of what appears to be a dreary day for pumpkin pickin' - Looks like a fun group!

Missy said...

Umm.. yes to craft-a-polozza.
ummm... yes to any sporting event (Anne)
umm...Yes, to loving our award!
umm..Yes to Sunday at american dream. 12:00. Let's carpool. All the fun stuff happens in the car :)
Oh, BFF, don't forget BURRITO TUESDAY tomorrow. get the salt shaker ready.

Sunny and Darrin said...

Thank you so much ms kambria! I love and miss you so much! It is kind of lonely over here! I miss my a-town friends! Yes, the Boise State Game next year is a go! Let's get it on the calendar and don't look back! I am hoping that D & I can make a trip your way in the near future! Love you!