Thursday, October 2, 2008


{picture on the top}
it's me.....the chubby brunette girl hugging the beautiful bride.
{picture on the bottom}
heather tom....the beautiful soap star that has been mistaken for the chubby brunette.
a girl can dream.


Jessie said...

Holy crap! If you dyed your hair blonde and we put you in rhinestones you'd be her!

Kambria said...

the funny thing is that i used to be blonde....i can't really remember what color my hair really is to be perfectly honest.

Miss Anne said...

i can totally see the resemblance!


Susanne P. said...

the first time i saw her on Y&R i freaked out and said 'she looks just like Kambria!'.

what beauties you both are.

Torikay said...

No, I'M the chubby brunette next to the beautiful bride!