Thursday, October 2, 2008

{celebrity look-a-like}

has anyone ever told you that you look like someone?
that they have been staring at you and they just know that they know you from somewhere.
about 10 years ago when i was living in coos bay it didn't matter where i went people always told me that i reminded them of
heather tom
{from young and the restless then.....bold and the beautiful now}
completely random.
i was once at valley river and some lady said that she had been watching me in the food court and if i would just {put on a little makeup and brush my hair} i would look exactly like her favorite actress.
people would come up to me and say {do you know who you look like} and i would always know.
pretty funny....she's pretty unknown, but still it was kind of funny.

now mind you....i'm 38 years old and she looks like she is about 12.
i am about 20 pounds heavier than her and now have a short brown "a-line" bob
with a big red streak in the front {thank you bff}......
but, there was a time when i was mistaken for a smokin' hot soap star.
who is your celebrity look-a-like??


Sunny and Darrin said...

Love it so look like Heather Tom no matter what and you are so as HOT as her!

Susanne P. said...