Wednesday, October 8, 2008

{the farm girls fall sale}

mom and i took a mini road trip out to jefferson this weekend to check out the
{farm girls fall sale}....and boy did i score.

i've had this empty spot on my wall in my living room/dining room for a couple of years now that i have been just waiting for the perfect thing for.

well, i don't know if it is perfect, but it is gosh dang close.......

it's the white hutch in the back of this picture.....i scored her for $175!

seriously......i couldn't walk by her. so excited to decorate her for fall, and christmas, and spring......ahhhh!

now....if only i can figure out how in the heck i am picking her up.


L said...


Yes, I received your comment.

I will give you a call so we can arrange a time that works on Friday.

Thank you!


Miss Anne said...


why did i NOT know about this???

is it over ??

i'm so bummed i missed it!

:) Sweet score!

Missy said...

How did I not know you bought furniture? We need to catch up! This place looks great. I want to go next year. Is is still going now?

Kambria said...

i wanted to surprise you....surprise!