Friday, September 12, 2008


today we were supposed to be going to klamath falls to watch zac play in his game. after the accident last week {and since he wasn't going to be able to play} we ended up staying home and listening to the game on the radio.
i decided to keep my day off though and went to lunch at red robin with my mom, got a pedicure with my bff, and then went out to dinner with john tonight at the little neighborhood bar.
madison and taylor are at the west albany game and then staying the night at tay's house. zac is in k falls {we won by the way} and won't be home until 3 or 4 in the morning. ugh. at least there is no school tomorrow. just the duck game at 12:30.
i have been feeling sick all day with a headache and sort of puky. i kind of lost it when i went to get my pedicure. i just got really antsy and hot and it has been all down hill from there. my friend at work had the flu for two days, so i'm hoping that's not it, but it is looking like it is heading that direction. i feel like crap-ola.
anyway.....looking forward to the weekend.

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