Sunday, September 14, 2008

{take time to be a dad}

finally got around to taking zachary school shopping. we went to valley river and hit the usuals and then ventured over to oakway to the new NIKE store. it was pretty darn amazing. you go personalize your own shoes and shirts and they have them ready for you while you wait. we got a shirt and then he found a pair of shocks too. it was nice to spend the day with my boy.

i found this public service announcement on another blog today. it made me laugh out loud. i found it so appropriate. now, you will never see john outside with pom poms.....i mean NEVER, but he is a pretty great dad!

how stinkin' cute is that??

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Sunny and Darrin said...

D and I laughed so hard at this! Crazy thing is that I could see my husband doing that!