Saturday, September 6, 2008

{so...i'm just curious}

so, my bff and i went out for coffee at starbucks tonight {our bad} and had an interesting conversation. we both work full time and then some. we really would just like to be stay at home moms and bake cookies, pick berries, and do laundry all day. a little june cleaverish, we know, we get that.....but, that is what we want.
so, here is the QUESTION! i am begging anyone who IS lucky enough to be a stay at home mom to answer it.

how much money does your husband really make? i mean come on now. how much money does it take to run a house, buy new clothes for your kids, dresses for proms, pay for car insurance for a teen ager, save for college, pay for sports, or just pay all of those gosh darn bills.

i want to know what the dollar amount is.....i mean seriously. we are curious. how much money do you make??? someone....anyone....throw us a number. i know it's rude to ask, but i just don't know how you are all doing it. is it because your kids are little and it's not as expensive, or what?? are you swimming in debt?

for real. do tell.

because right now....i would do just about anything to be home.
if you choose to comment on this....i would love it....but, if you choose to slam my families need for me to work right now.....i will freak out.


Sunny and Darrin said...

I would really like to know too! When the time comes for us to start a family...I would love to be able to stay home at least part time! Hope you get some good responses! Sorry to hear about zac...crazy kid...i hope that he isn't too bummed about it. love the added f's!

Kambria said...

don't forget i am moving to boise to be your nanny....can i bring madison with me? zac will be in college. zac is laying on the couch with his ankle elevated all doped up on vicodin right now. last night was so heart breaking for him and all of us. megan is over and so is taylor. full house. just how i love it.

Allison said... it is...this is how you can be a stay-at-home-mom-hot-mess!

First, all debt has to be payed off. That means no car payments, no credit card debt, nada. The one exclusion to this is your mortgage.

Second, you have to get rid of the "extra's"; such as extended cable, going out to eat more than once a month, choosing between a landline and your cell (you cant afford both), and coming up with a frugle monthly budget.

Third, you need to take your tax return money (assuming you get some back:-)) and budget it for the rest of the year for things such as: back to school supplies/clothes, Christmas/Birthday presents, a modest family vacation, and an emergency cash fund. This third step takes a LOT of discipline, but can put you at ease financially if planned out well.

Fourth, your children NEED to be in on the general financial changes that will be made. They need to know what changes to expect, both good and bad.

Fifth, you need to keep investing in your retirement account! This is very IMPORTANT!

Lastly, the amount of money ones husband has to make to do this all depends on what your mortgage payment is. I would guestimate that your husband would need to bring home around one thousand dollars above your mortgage payment, assuming all other debt is payed.

So there it is in a nut shell!

Hey....I should do this for a living!

Torikay said...

I feel the same way...... isn't it funny that no matter how educated, successful, driven, etc. we are, what we really want is just to be home with our babies?